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Curitiba, 25 de Agosto de 2019
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ícone Dubiousness of values

        Many human beings live following a dubious system of values.

        They strongly criticize their fellow brothers, but allow themselves a lot of indignities.

        They complain about dishonest politicians.

        They talk about their lazy colleague.

        They criticize the family of their neighbour.

        However, not all their actions are beyond doubt honest.

        If the opportunity presents itself, they will try to make an easy profit.

        If the cashier of the supermarket gives the wrong change, they will keep quiet.

        If the boss is not around, they will work more slowly.

        They use the telephone of the company for their private matters.

        This kind of behaviour reveals a lazy and hypocrite character.

        Everyone has enough discernment to identify the ideal ethical behaviour.

        Thus, they know when other people diverge from it.

        However, they do not feel like living in the correct way.

        People, who opt being frivolous, will always find excuses for their conduct.

        Some phrases allow us to identify someone occupied in justifying their faults:

        I am not made of steel!

        I am just a man!

        Life is short!

        I am no angel!

        Everybody does it!

        He who knows what is right but acts wrongly, lives disassociated from his conscience.

        The Divine Law is written in every Spirit’s conscience.

        The moment will come when this strict judge will ask for an answer.

        No matter how hard you might try to delay the meeting with your own conscience, it will happen.

        And when it happens, no excuses will be accepted.

        You can fool a stranger, but you cannot fool yourself.

        As the Biblical precept goes: “From everyone to whom much has been given, much will be required.”

        Those that, by ignorance, make mistakes can easily reconcile themselves before the Divine Laws.

        But the ones, who make mistakes even knowing the right path, complicate themselves seriously.

        Even retarding to answer our conscience will cause us to pay a high price.

        The constant breakings of our inner nature originate countless infirmities.

        Phobias, neurosis and disturbs of the most various types happen in the lives of the ones who try to run away from their inner reality.

        To act intentionally in the wrong way implies in violating your own evolutionary state and to live a lie.

        Therefore, stop fooling yourself.

        As you want to be happy, care for the integrity of your being.

        Do not violate your essence, do not allow yourself to act wrongly.

        It does not matter if others are thoughtless.

        Your compromise is with your own conscience.

        If your neighbour is dishonest, he is sowing pain for the future.

        Sooner or latter, he will have to give back what does not belong him.

        The man who steals sets up a terrible tomorrow for himself.

        Whoever dishonors other people’s homes establish bonds which will only be broken after many tears.

        As you do not desire misery or pain in your destiny, live an unblemished life.

        Be rigorously loyal, hard worker and generous.

        Examine your attitudes daily.

        What is not admirable in others is not good for you either.

        Rectify your proceedings constantly.

        Establish a high system of values to provide a direction to your life and be faithful to it.

        When our earthly experience is over, we will all be called to account for our doings.

        Be careful in order that this moment becomes a moment of glory, when you will recognize yourself as a noble and good human being.

Spiritist Moment Team.

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