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Curitiba, 18 de Agosto de 2019
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ícone Do not run away from your duty

Every human being faces difficult moments along their lives.

There are moments when hope seems to have disappeared.

During these opportunities, all dreams and plans are endangered.

The household harmony, carefully constructed, succumbs into fights.

The career, treated with maximum care, starts to be reason of torment.

Health, usually vigorous, becomes fragile and vacillating.

Old friends drift apart due to unexpected misunderstandings.

A lot of times it is possible to identify a fault in our behaviour itself which caused such disasters.

Perhaps levity, maybe a wrong word, lack of dedication or affection might have been the cause of such disharmony.

In these cases, it becomes obvious what must be corrected, so to avoid further  crisis.

However, sometimes there is no apparent reason for a tragedy that befalls us.

It might happen to the dedicated and honest working man who loses his job.

To the faithful and caring husband who is deceived by his wife.

It might be the beloved child who has been always surrounded by attention and suddenly succumbs into drugs and causes infinite affliction to the parents.

An old friendship that ends because of gossips.

In other opportunities, life seems to demand huge efforts.

The illness of a relative which consumes vast financial resources.

Apart from that, the sick person needs constant attention and care.

The maintenance of a business becomes harsh and non-profitable.

The boss turns out to be exigent and mean.

Working becomes penitence.

The family bond is kept due to exceptional efforts.

Amongst incomprehension and difficulties, the task seems Herculean.

Most of the time, there is an easy way out.

In others, there is not.

Before a relative in poor health, a son on drugs, the only available job which becomes arduous, what to do?

In such situations, there is a strict regime imposed by life.

If there are not identifiable reasons in the present existence, they will be found in the past.

Fate of the creatures is not ruled by chance.

When facing inevitable serious situations, do not feel as a victim.

Think that you have the opportunity of redeeming yourself in your own conscience.

The current sacrifice represents the liberation of an old debt.

The relative who demands attention and care might once have been taken by you into viciousness and degradation.

To help him today does not represent goodwill, but the amendment of a mistake.

Maybe your insensate boss was your exploited servant in the past.

If he did not have the necessary endurance to overcome the episode, it is up to you to understand and forgive him.

The financial resources that you lack today may have been wasted long ago.

Have dignity when facing the difficulties life presents to you.

They correspond to your exact necessities of learning and amendment. Do not think about abandoning the boat, about running away from your duties.

The divine laws can not be deceived. They always give a fair return to the merits and to the mistakes.

If someone betrays or harms you, forgive.

Act with grandness and end the cycle of pain.

Learn to live and to serve with joy, even among difficulties.

In order to go ahead, it is necessary to be even with the past.


Spiritist Moment Team.



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