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Curitiba, 17 de Agosto de 2022
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ícone When is a father born?

Some are born in the maternity or hospital premises, right after the spectacle of childbirth, bringing to the world the being that the mother kept with affection in her womb. 

Some are born months before, in the seconds after the pregnancy is confirmed, there in the simple pharmacy exam or in the categorical statement of the specialist doctor.

There are those who will be born later, when they realize that the child they carry in their arms admires them in a special way.

Or when they get the first smile. Or receive that incomprehensible babbling of words they swear to be a daddy.

Others, later, who, due to their life history, refused to live the family experience in the first instants, then mature and return, seeking to recover at least a little, of the lost time.

What is certain is that not every father is born at the same time. Not every father is born with a child. Everyone has their time.

Therefore, it is worth considering: When is a father born?

The first are those who, since the news of the pregnancy, feel their lives changed. They get emotional, they get very excited. They are facing a challenge. Also an unparalleled opportunity.

There is always some insecurity, especially when it comes to a first time. Will I handle it? Will I be able to provide? Will I be a good father?

On the other hand, a strength immediately comes to them, an energy they do not know where from, an intimate certainty that everything will work out.

These fathers are also born when they begin to take care of the wife-mother, in a special way. They seek to put themselves in their place, at such a delicate moment in her life.

They are partners, friends, respectful. They feel pregnant themselves.

The fathers who are born during the childbirth never forget those moments, especially if they are able to follow the procedure closely, taking pictures, recording, or just contemplating.

They had no exact dimension of what was happening in the partner´s womb until that moment.

They are enchanted with the beauty of life, with the divine mechanisms that bring us back to the planet in each new stage.

Finally they understand that there is another being, fragile, dependent, and that without their love it will not survive.

Also, fathers are born in the first interactions with the new baby. Holding, feeding, making them sleep, changing the diaper, chatting, kissing - these are moments of supreme importance for the father-child relationship.

The first bonds are being built, the beginnings of dialogues of understanding, the exchanges of affection that will be a significant part of the emotional support of that soul.

Finally there are those who arrive later. These do not stop being fathers, because there is always time for new chances in the kind heart of the Creator.

They perceive their grown up children, some are still children, teenagers, others already adults. They deeply regret having been negligent or lacking the courage to assume the reins of the mission from the beginning.

They seek to catch up on the present journey, even if it is to light up a small flame in the path of the children, since they have not been able to be the a powerful sun.

When is a father born?

When does the heart make this so precious birth and learns to love as it never loved before?

Spiritist Moment Team.
July 25.2022.

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