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Curitiba, 17 de Agosto de 2022
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ícone Giant wave

A frightening nightmare for many, certainly: a giant wave coming towards you, imposing, swallowing everything that is ahead.

In us, feelings are mixed: impotence, fear, disorientation. There is nothing to do, there is nowhere to go. Everything looks doomed.

Before the great threats, the great problems of the day, we often feel that way, and dreams, at night, end up reproducing such terrifying representations.

Now let us try to imagine one other scene: a seawater wall about twenty-four meters high, about to break on the coast.

On the top of all this magnificence, on the crest, we glimpse something that surprises us: there is a person there.

It is a surfer who projects himself down the wall, defying what would become the biggest wave ever surfed in the world.

Those who watched, from a distance, did not even breathe in those brief seconds. We can see the small swift line drawn in the sea water, while behind, the great wall seems to want to collapse at any time.

The ocean silences awaiting the breakthrough, as if holding its breath before the deafening roar of the broken wave in the shallows.

After the big crash, then, there it is the sportsman, unharmed, standing on his board, victorious over the foam of the defeated wave.

*   *   *

Big problems can be seen as big opportunities.

The world of trial and expiation is also the world of constant learning, it is the school world.

Each experience, as frightening as it may seem, holds a lesson for the growing Spirit.

Important not to see the giant waves of life as great evils, great misfortunes.

Let us abandon this immediate, simplistic view, which judges events hastily, without realizing their consequences further on. The life of the Spirit is the life of the long term. 

How many frightening waves have we faced in life and in the lives, surviving the end?

It is neither the first nor the last time that we will face such challenges, so it is time to think differently.

Why not surf in the huge waves that appear? Is this not the invitation of the ocean of life?

Let us think, study, analyze, prepare ourselves better.

The sea is not the enemy, just as the Laws of God are not.

Let us invite the courage to be with us every day. Fear is natural. Let us not be ashamed of it. Let us move on with it at our side, but, let us not let it control us.

Nothing can destroy us. We are bigger than the giant waves, though it may not seem like it.

*   *   *

As long as we are at the actual plan, which is the Earth´s crust, we will always be confronted with difficulty and pain.

The lesson given is the way to new lessons.

Behind the solved riddle, other riddles appear.

It cannot be another function of the school but to teach, exercise and improve.

Let us fill ourselves, therefore, with calm and good cheer, in every situation. We were placed among a thousand obstacles of strange nature, so that, overcoming inhibitions outside of us, we learn to overcome our limitations.

 Spiritist Moment Team, with quotations of chapter 61,
from book
Fonte Viva, by Spirit Emmanuel, psychographed
Francisco Candido Xavier, publisher FEB.
July 25.2022.

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