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Curitiba, 17 de Agosto de 2022
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ícone Like a flock

Have you ever observed one of these ordinary, towering trees when they are teeming with birds in their branches?

Perched birds fill the spaces, and even the driest branches seem to come alive with the happy visit of the little winged beings.

The vegetable raised towards the lofty gain movements that it did not have before. It gains sounds that it was not able to make. Life is added to life.

The tree has never been so lush.

However, without a warning, without a particular reason, they all suddenly decide to flock at the same time.

Another beautiful spectacle to behold.

Coordinated, fearless, obeying an inner command that makes them defy the air at all times, they fly...

They fly, seeking their destinies, continuing to perform their important role in Creation.

But what about the tree? We usually do not even notice it anymore.

The tree remains, now, appearing to be empty, incomplete, without life... without beauty.

It misses the birds, the noises, the party, that joy all around it.

*   *   *

There are times of life when it seems like people start to leave like this, like a flock, all at almost the same time.

Social networks make it possible for us to know this kind of news instantly.

There went that distant friend. Now that other one, the father of someone we know, the mother of another person we know...

And when the turn of our closest ones comes, we realize that we will all have to leave one day.

We feel, then, like the tree that has lost all the birds that sang and played in its arms.       

We feel meager, leafless, silent...

The sadness of the tree is understandable, it is authentic.

It is necessary to remember, from time to time, that birds do not belong to trees, that they are not part of it, like the trunk, the branches or the leaves.

They are passing visitors, who briefly made it their home, in its verdant warmth, before continuing their journeys through the endless space.

So, we could wonder: should the tree suffer from the frequent flocks of existence or rejoice in the beautiful flights of its new bird friends?

The answer is admirable: it needs both.

There is no harm in suffering. The most sensitive souls suffer the absence and farewell. They shed tears of gratitude, good memories and the lack of the other´s energies in the field of their own.

But also because they love, they cry with joy for the freedom, for the beauty of a flight that is certain for everyone, because it is the flight of the end of a stage and the beginning of a new one. It is a flight of renewal.

It is curious that we are, at the same time, tree and bird. And we know the story from both points of view.

Sometimes, that melancholy of the flights hits us, when the gaze stops only on the empty trees that remain.

Let us add to this feeling another: the dazzle by the sky full of wings, by the safe and well designed dance of the small beings that leave from here to there, that continue to exist, that will soon land in other forests, in a continuous and splendid celebration of the life that it never ceases.   

Spiritist Moment Team
June 25.2022.

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