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Curitiba, 26 de Junho de 2022
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ícone Our reunion

You left. The terrible virus took you. For me, there is the nostalgia that, every hour, reminds me of your physical absence.

We had so many dreams: a trip to France, a child. Everything was schematized, planned.

We wanted to revisit landscapes that, on our honeymoon, had filled our eyes of beauty and enriched our minds with culture: The Saint-Michel Mont, the beaches of Normandy, the Eiffel Tower, the Notre Dame Cathedral...

Everything in its own time, that is what we used to say. And we waited. Waited to furnish the apartment, to improve the household budget, to save some money.

But the, unexpectedly, the pandemic came and shattered all of our dreams.

We could not even say goodbye. And a great emptiness seemed to settle in my soul.

However, blessed as we were with the spiritist enlightenment, I remembered the lessons of sleep and dreams.

From the sleep given to us for physical rest, while the soul, partially freed, transits through the spiritual world, its true homeland.

I began to pray to God to allow me to find you again, just for a few minutes.

My nights have always been full of dreams. And that is how, one of these nights you came to meet me.

I have barely fallen asleep and I felt your presence. You looked younger. You told me you were fine and there we stayed, holding hands, for a time that I cannot measure, chatting, easing the pain of the absence of so many months.

I know we talked a lot, I told you how I spend my days, you told me about your experiences in the spiritual life.

I do not remember everything we said or what we did.

However, when the morning came, I woke up with the feeling of a grateful gift. I felt light, happy as I had not felt in a long time.

I thanked God for having awakened me once again, for the life that I still have to live, and I want to do it with great dignity, enjoying each precious day.

I thanked God for this wonder He gaved us. The intense hours of work, study, construction and those hours for the recovery of physical energies, while our body sleeps.

At the same time, this possibility to enter the spiritual world, where we all come from, and to meet those who needed to leave.

How can we describe the joy of a reunion of souls? How can we describe the feelings that take us all when we find a love so loved?

Our wish is for those moments to last forever. But all joy is precisely unprecedented, special, because it is not perennial.

Life teaches us that. These are moments that pass. Moments that we can enjoy or just regret. The choice belongs to us.

I thank God for having been with you, for the warmth, for the revival of your affection.

I thank God for waking up in the body, one more day, where tasks to perform and people to serve are still waiting for me.

I pray and wait. Who knows at some other time, when my soul is light, the longing is intense, God allows us to meet again.

We will live like that: you there and I here, attending to our own duties.

See you soon, my love!

Spiritist Moment Team.
June 15.2022.

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