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Curitiba, 26 de Junho de 2022
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ícone God and us

When the world groans, tormented, it is like a sob that escapes our chest and seeks the Heavenly Father.

When the probations visit our life, and everything seems grey, the heart stirs in search of the Lord of the worlds.

And God is present.

The great certainty that marks our life is the existence of a loving Father who watches over us.

Let us forget everything what have been told about a vengeful God. Let us erase from our minds the image of a petty God, who applies punishment to His children. These things are human creation.

God is all love. The cause of all things, Lord of the worlds, He created us by His will.

He gave us precious life, planted in us the seeds of feelings, let intelligence, free-will and smiles flourish.  

Over the millennia, this Divine love follows us. Follow our trajectory, witness our mistakes and successes. And wait. Yes, God patiently waits.

He awaits the end of our time of storms, of inner turmoil.

He knows that this tormented time is fleeting, when we still do not know how to handle feelings, control the mind or be happy with the things of the Spirit.

He knows that we are in the middle of an era of discoveries. He is patient with these children who act as fools even though they are mature men.

Yes, God is on our side.

To see the signs of this great presence, it is enough to learn to read the great book of nature.

Every star that shines in the sky is a message from the Heavenly Father. The brightness of the suns, in the distant galaxies, tells us of the magnificent Creation beyond the Earth.

And it conveys the silent message to us: even in the pitch of dark nights, there are lights of hope.

God is alive in the flowers He created to adorn the gardens and fields. Sunflowers, lilies, roses and daisies translate the Divine affection for all of us.

If God clothes them so richly, He does much more for us. 

Birdsong, the breeze that ruffles the hair, the spectacle of the sea shining in the sun - all this is God whispering messages of beauty and harmony to our weary ears, like a hymn of hope.

So let us not delay any longer: let us open the window of the soul to God. He is there, in the temple of our hearts.

To love Him, let us learn to care for everything He created. Even if we do not understand someone, do not agree with something or do not like something, let us at least strive to respect the fruit of Divine work. It is already a beautiful start.

God smiles back when we seek Him. Therefore, let us seek Him.

One day, we will be face to face with death. And even if we have thousands of friends, this will be a lonely experience, an individual journey.

We will be in front of ourselves. Relatives, friends and loved ones will be left behind. Or they will have gone before us.

And, in that supreme hour, there will be only um Being whom we can call with complete confidence: God.

It is to our Father that we will turn our eyes full of hope. And He - who loves us very much - will extend His love to us and we will be embraced, welcomed.

In the lap of this Divine Father, we will feel lulled as little children. And our hearts will be filled with immortal joy.

 Spiritist Moment Team.
May 5.2022.

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