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Curitiba, 26 de Junho de 2022
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ícone Who is on our side?

In this busy life, of so many duties that forces us to be multitasking, do we stop to wonder if there is a life beyond ours?

It sounds like an obvious, unnecessary statement, but let us look at it a little more carefully.

Do we often have time for others? For those who are not so close, for our colleagues, for those who are part of our daily lives, in an indirect way?

Who are them? They are those we come across from time to time, coworkers with whom we exchange brief words, servants, employees, colleagues.

They are these almost anonymous faces who run by us here and there, almost invisible.

Who are they? Where do they come from? What do they need? What life do they have? What stories do they bring? Do they need help?

Well... We have no way of knowing because, most of the time, we do not have time, we do not pay attention, we do not care.

But what if we could do something important for one of these people? If we could be useful, in a way we cannot even imagine? We will never know if we do not get closer.

Let us see. They give us signs. Sometimes, they ask for help without actually asking. Sometimes we need to take a step, letting go of shyness and asking: Are you okay? Do you want to talk?

Or, knowing that that person is going through some tough phases, we can give them a small gift like a message, a book, a CD.

Done. Sometimes it was all they needed. And it was our sensibility that noticed it.

 But we are only able to capture this kind of need, these nuances of the feelings of others, if we are alert, if we care.

If we are trapped in our world, concerned only with solving our problems, thinking that they are the only and most serious problems on the face of Earth, it will be very hard for us to see these lives on our side.

They become practically invisible.

However, when we begin to perceive the other, to get interested in their lives, something surprising happens, something that can only be explained by the sublime lines of the law of love.

Our pains, our worries, start to weigh less. Sometimes the answers we needed come through ways we did not imagine; the tears we wiped there, are also wiped away here...

We make ourselves useful. Not that our life has no noble use in the Universe, but, in these moments, it gains an extra sparkle like the hands of the Creator acting on Earth.

In this way, we can better understand who is next to us. Who needs a lap, a few brief words, who needs to speak a little, who needs someone kind.

There are people who are so mistreated in their lives, in their work environments, in their families, that all they need is a little kindness and attention. They need to know that the world is not against them.

*   *   *

Let us be the message of benevolence.

What an honor be the able to be a spokesperson for kindness in a world that is still learning to work together, to work in cooperation.

Let us be those who care about. The pressure of the world is not stronger than we are. We are masters of our destiny and our will.

The world changes, the world ends. But we, like love, remain.

Spiritist Moment Team.
March 28.2022.

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