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Curitiba, 26 de Junho de 2022
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ícone Life pulses on the Planet

Do you have any idea of how many people are being born into the world in this exact instant?

Would you dare to guess? Would you risk saying the number of beings who arrive on the planet per day?

The amount is impressive. It is estimated that about three hundred and eighty thousand Spirits reincarnate on Earth every day, currently, according to the official data from UN and UNICEF.

This means that about two-hundred and sixty babies are born per minute, or a little over four children per second.

By the end of these five minutes of Spiritist Moment, for instance, about one thousand and three hundred of our siblings in humanity will have returned to the earthly scenario.

One thousand and three hundred souls will be receiving a new chance to grow and learn here.

What a fabulous movement! What a complex and extremely well-organized planning, because none of these births escapes the attention of Higher Spirituality, of the sectors responsible for the great process of reincarnation.

There is a plan for every case. In every case there is attendance, extreme care so that the new shot at life is successful.

That is right. No one comes to Earth destined for evil, destined to fail. We all bring plans, goals and commitments.

We all come to school to learn, to leave here better than when we arrived.

Not everyone can, unfortunately. Some give up before the time. Some leave the same way they arrived. Some forget the value of this incomparable temporary home of learning.

Curiously, as much as we are frightened by scourges, diseases, catastrophes, the number of arrivals on the planet per minute still overcomes the number of departures.

We are a world of births, a world where ancient souls always receiving new clothing by the means of reincarnation.

With each child that is born, regardless of the place, regardless of its socioeconomic condition, a plan, a strategy, a path is born.

But why is it that are born with so many opportunities and others with so only a few? - is a question posed by those with materialist point.

Opportunity is a much broader and more beautiful word than we imagine. It is not something limited to the sphere of material and emotional resources or possibilities that will be available in our lives.

Thus, even when something lacks, the absence of emotional structure in those who make up the surroundings, the hostile environment, everything is an opportunity, as strange as it may seem to us.

 Each one of these two hundred and sixty births per minute takes place at the right time, in the right place and following the greater Laws of the Universe.

Everyone comes to progress. Everyone brings in their luggage whatever they used to be and, in their plans, whatever they wish to become.

Planet Earth is the school of rebirths. Planet Earth is the school of trials and expiations, which will soon evolve into an institution of regeneration.

 We will be reborn from water and Spirit. We will be reborn every day becoming stronger and closer to our essence.

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According to experts, the heart of a fetus, a baby, inside the mother´s womb, can reach about two hundred beats per minute at a certain stage of pregnancy.

The heart of the Planet beats strong too. Life sings exultantly at more than two hundred births per minute.

 Spiritist Moment Team.
March 9.2022.

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