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Curitiba, 26 de Junho de 2022
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ícone The year we found ourselves

2020 is gone. There were nine months of social isolation, interspersed with lockdown, curfew, hospitals with no vacancies for those infected with COVID.

Perhaps our grandparents and great-grandparents have experienced some of these issues, similarly, in the Spanish flu that kept the world in an uproar for eighteen months.

Many claim that this year was lost. It was worth nothing.

They are the pessimists, those who can only see what is bad, disastrous and evil.

Those of us who have eyes to see, ears to hear, we certainly realized how much we have grown in these months.

In order to survive, we had to reinvent ourselves, creating different ways to sell our product.

Our homemade bread, cookies, our vegetables started to be offered by the website we created. Our small business needed to adapt to control rules:  hand sanitizer, face mask, contained circulation.

Home delivery. We opened our own delivery. Each one of us in our own way, in our own kind, conquering costumers.

The religious, with our temples closed, we created online service for the needy soul.

And diversified schedules for the delivery of basket of staples to the body needy ones.

We started using the digital platforms that were there for so long. We discovered their great benefits.

Our Family Gospel at home, once made inward familiar doors, has spread to the world. We invited friends and relatives to participate, filling the screen of one or another digital platform.

And the dimension was expanding, friends inviting friends until we lost count of how many participate in our activity.

Our group study, of thirty to forty people, in a classroom, took on the dimension of dozens and dozens of people who joined.

We learned to communicate through the windows, to discuss ideas, present videos, create wonders, offer our poetry, our singing.

Let us evaluate how much we have grown, how much we have done, showing that when adversity comes, we trigger our creative potential and overcome it. 

We overcame distance, isolation, the desire to hug. We learned to smile through our eyes because the mask covers our nose and mouth.

It was on this year of so much pain, so many deaths, so many losses, that we learned to look at the invisible ones.

To the garbage collector who never stopped coming to collect the trash, on the exact days and hours.

To so many attendants in health centers, nurses, caregivers.

We learned to applaud doctors, dedicated and successful people.

We recognized the importance of the work of the street sweepers who clean the streets of our cities.

Some were more sensitive, like a ten-year-old girl from a city in Tocantins, Brazil, who decided to do something more.

And she prepared a super breakfast for those invisible every day workers.

One of the blessed by the kindness of Cinthya said: We need to look more to our neighbor. May It always continue so.

Let us face it: this was a challenging year. Some of us suffered great losses of loved people or of monetary values.

But, we grew up. And here we are in the new year. We can say: we won! And we will proceed.

Spiritist Moment Team.
February 23.2022

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