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Curitiba, 26 de Junho de 2022
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ícone This special creature

There is no single creature in the world that there is no experience in the involvement of its mother.

It can be a positive loving involvement. It can be a pitiful and unhealthy involvement. No one escapes from the presence of the mother.

Someone can be born without the presence of the father, but it is impossible to be born without the presence of the mother.

The mother is such a creature so special that she often torments her children´s life, because she wants to stimulate their lives.

Sometimes, she stifles the child, wishing to protect it.

There is no single mother who does not influence her children.

We can even say that as a basis of all the raw, all the grotesque man who existed in Humanity, there was the figure of a woman, his mother.

She was the one who made sure he did not take insults home, she was who taught him to return aggression with aggression, taught him to be selfish.

Also, in the history of every missionary, of every good creature, there is the figure of a woman, his mother.

In this way, we find mothers who know that their children do not belong to them, they know that they are children of God essentially.  

They are children of life and they educate them for life.

When all mothers are aware of their role with their children, when they admit that their children will be tomorrow´s professors, doctors, lawyers, judges, politicians; when they realize that their children will run the cities, States, countries, who will have high responsibilities in their hands, they will be dedicated to educating them even more.

They will not teach their children to respect older people. They will teach that they must respect every human being, every living being.

They will teach their children to love vegetables, to protect forests, starting to take care of the garden at home.

They will teach respect for animals.

Mothers are those instruments that God used for Him to manifest himself on Earth, sending us to the world, through them.

The rich woman, the intelligent, intellectual woman as well as the poor woman, the simple and ignorant woman, they all have the same ability to be a mother.

Sometimes, she cannot be the mother of carnal children, but she becomes the mother of her nephews and nieces, younger siblings, children who surround her.

It is a woman´s instinct for motherhood, even if she does not have her on carnal children.

In all of this, we see that there is a remarkable mystery in motherhood. And that mystery is called love.

This love that has been developing from instinct to reason.

This love is what makes the nest among the irrational, it makes the hen keep her chicks under its wings, makes the felines lick their young ones, makes the birds put the food they brought into the mouth of their young.

This developed over the centuries, exploded in the human crown and was given the name of mother´s love.

The mother loves her child no matter what he or she is,

The greatest saint receives the love of his mother. The greatest villain, the most spurious of the beings receives the love of his mother.

As long as God sends His children to Earth, in the bosom of women-mothers, He is telling us that He trusts in the progress of Humanity.

Spiritist Moment Team, based on a tv text
Vida e Valores, A missão da maternidade, presented by
Teixeira, under the coordination of  Federação Espírita do Paraná.
February 7.2022

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