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Curitiba, 26 de Junho de 2022
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ícone Tribute to our Messiah

We are getting closer to Christmas, when we celebrate the birth of Jesus on Earth.

Among so many memories, we have the one of important visits received by the Illustrious Child.

First, it was the shepherds who were in the field, looking after their sheep.

Nothing could be more natural: the Shepherd of all sheep worshiped by the ones who represented his attentive and careful figure.

Months later, magicians from the East arrived at the family home in Jerusalem.

They were scholars and thinkers, known of the prophecies and who, discovering the announcement by the star in the heavens, followed it.

After a long and tiring journey, they arrived where He was and worshiped Him.

Significant gesture. Those men represented the knowledge of the Earth, in those days. Connoisseurs of the Science of the world and of the Spirit.

And they recognize that the little one is the greatest of all.

They offered presents worthy of a king: gold, incense and myrrh.

We have no news of what those wise men have done after their encounter with the Messiah.

We can only assume that they returned to their regions of origin, with their hearts renewed and higher purposes.

After all, no one who makes such a long journey, of so many months, to revere the Solar King, could leave His presence, without taking the indelible scent of His purposes into his own life.

*   *   *

This Christmas, so close, let us prepare ourselves to honor Jesus.

Let us wrap, to offer Him, the gold of our actions, for the benefit of our fellow man.

In a bottle carved in our good will, let us offer Him the incense of our active will for good.

And, in a delicate container, let us offer the myrrh of our commitment to the struggles that reach us every day.

Recalling the extensive journey of the magicians to the Sweet Boy, let us ask ourselves:

Have we made our journey in search of the Messiah?

Have we struggled to understand the lessons He offers us?

Are we willing to transform our lives based on the teachings the Rabbi left us?

Are we sure of our faith?

Let us not miss this opportunity for reflection.

We can embark, on a long and excellent journey, as the mages did, to a more intimate encounter with the Solar King.

Like them, we may surrender, on our knees, to His greatness and, renewed in Spirit, rise to a more productive life.

A life that gives us greater progress, tranquility to face the days to come, full of sun or convulsed by storms.

Let us celebrate Christmas within our hearts. Let us make this opportunity a remake.

It is as if, while the whole Earth worships the birth of the Celestial Friend, we all decided to follow Him, to embrace His teachings.

This is a special moment. When so many minds come together in tributes and celebrations, more than ever we will be able to feel His Soft Presence.

Let us enjoy. Today is the day, the great opportunity to be closer to Him, to feel His tenderness, His love.

Let us join together in the great celebration of the Shepherd´s birthday.

Spiritist Moment Team.
December 8.2021.

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