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Curitiba, 15 de Outubro de 2021
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ícone Human and Divine

Giorgio Vasari, known mainly for his biographies of Italian artists, wrote:

From time to time, heaven sends us someone who is not only human but also Divine, so that, through his spirit and the superiority of his intelligence, we may reach heaven.

Among these, of course, is Leonardo da Vinci, who came into the world on April 15, 1452, near Florence.

Leonardo´s extraordinary and diverse talent was manifested in the early years of his life.

Handsome and strong, he was an excellent sportsman, a great swimmer and knight; ingenious artisan and mechanic.

He soon revealed his inventive gifts. Drawing and painting also attracted his interest, demonstrating his artistic skills.

He was regarded by his contemporaries as a dangerously daring architect and mad scientist.

On one point, however, everyone was forced to agree: Leonardo was a fascinating arguer, a polite talker, a "magical" and fantastic storyteller, a genius of speech accompanied by mimicry.   

Speaking of science, we silenced scientists. Arguing about philosophy, he convinced philosophers. By inventing tales and legends, he conquered favors and the admiration of the courts.

Always, and everywhere, Leonardo was the center of attentions. And he never let his audience down because he had, every time, some new story to tell.

He had an inexhaustible reserve of anecdotes. They were spirituous sayings, tales and apologues of good literary taste and moral content.

His tales were spread quickly from mouth to mouth, with the inevitable variations of oral repetition, and the envious ones searched in vain for the traditional sources of his stories.

From his ingenuity, the machines of our civilization were born, from the bicycle to the plane and the submarine.

And science has in Leonardo da Vinci, in terms of observing nature, his spiritual father.

For this wonderful creature, in his book Prophecies, he wrote: Man is the destroyer of all created things.

*    *    *

Never, like today, in the long history of our planet, has a statement been truer and so tragically current.

Our century, which sees man fly like birds and emigrate to other planets, also witnesses sad scenarios of destruction.

Wherever he goes, man leaves his destructive footprints.

He goes to the beach and fills it with cans, bottles, trash of every kind. It pollutes rivers and oceans, interfering with aquatic life.

He travels along the roads, which cut the forests in half, throwing up all sorts of detritus.

Man, seen as the lord of Creation, establishes hunting and fishing as predatory pleasures, forgetting that any misuse will soon result in lack.

And, if he destroys what is around him, he projects for himself a life of many difficulties.

That is because nature responds to aggression with extreme temperatures, lack of water, with arid lands, where there were abundant harvest once.

If God sends special people to point out Divine things to us, signaling the happiness we can enjoy, let us pay attention to what they prescribe to us.

Let us rethink our attitudes. There is still time to rebuild, to retrace paths, to reinvigorate an exhausted and explored Earth without limits.

Let us think about it. 

 Spiritist Moment Team, based on biographic
Data of Leonardo da Vinci.
August 2.2021.


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