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Curitiba, 16 de Outubro de 2021
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ícone Honoring life

  His voice enchants. His presence on the stage is emotional. He draws crowds to his concerts, shows, but he does not see them.

What attests the presence of the people are the applause he hears and makes him smile.

In the midst of the pandemic, he performed a live in the completely empty Milan Cathedral. He called it Music for hope.

Hope that the world will get better, that the pandemic will be brought under control, that people will be happy.

Every year, in July, the European summer, he performs a huge concert at the Theater of Silence, an open-air space, built on his initiative, in his hometown of Lajatico, in the region of Tuscany.

The 2020 schedule did not take place, due to the decree of social isolation.

But he did perform before an audience of flags from every nation of the world.

The Theater of Silence lives on. - He said. It lives in the imagination and hope of dozens of thousands of spectators who wait for 2021.

The wonderful audience is here, embodied in multicolored flags of the whole world.

There were five songs, starting with a prayer to the mother of Jesus, Ave, Maria and concluding with a hymn of love for his homeland.

Those of us who are used to applauding him and who have been privileged with his presentations may not know that the world has come very close to never having him among us.

In an interview with a television channel, his mother revealed that, when she was pregnant, doctors recommended the abortion.

Andrea himself, in a video, said that his mother arrived at the hospital with severe pain in her womb. It was appendicitis but she had ice applied over the abdomen.

Later, doctors advised her to abort the child she was carrying because he would be born with a congenital disease. Young, Edi chose to have the child, who was born with glaucoma.

The total loss of vision would come at age twelve, after suffering a blow to the head, enjoying a soccer game.

The Italian tenor thanks to his mother is surprising. That is why, he says, he fights and is in favor of life.

He narrates this fact to serve as an encouragement to other women who may find themselves in a similar situation.

He is thankful for coming to the world. And we all thank that young wife who chose life and gave us the Italian tenor, composer and producer.

What a beautiful voice the world would have lost without his presence.

*   *   *

Life is like this. When we are nothing but an embryo, a fetus, who can imagine what we will be. What contributions we will make to the world.

We may come to enchant it with our musical art, with our speeches or with our poems.

Someone who reshapes the concepts in architecture, in engineering.

We might be an ambassador for peace, a scientist who makes discoveries. Someone who contributes, revolutionizing treatments for serious illnesses.  

An anonymous doctor serving on the disease front, fighting death, for his patients.

We can simply be a good man or a woman, making a difference in the world.

A father, a mother who will offer their children to the world, educated, operative, making this planet better.

Life deserves our honors.

 Spiritist Moment Team, based on  interview with
Edi Aringhieri, on the television show
Domenica In,
broadcasted by Chanel RAI1, in January of 2018.
July 7.2021.


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