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Curitiba, 15 de Outubro de 2021
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ícone Certainties of life

We have possibly already heard the expression: The only certainty we have in life is that we are going to die.

This sentence tells us about the naturalness of the phenomenon of disincarnation, which will happen to all of us, sooner or later.

It carries a sense of pessimistic inevitability, that is, that the only certainty we would ever have in Earthly existence would be something awful.

We need to review these concepts.

First of all, to remove from the bodily death such heavy weight, this burden of definitive end that it carries.

There is no end of everything. There is just the end of a stage, of a chapter in the great book of the existence of each Spirit.

Second, what is also troubling about this expression, is this view that we do not have certainties in life.

This mentality generates insecurity, fear, which causes many of the psychological disorders that pour out in spurts by specialized offices.   

No, that is not the only certainty we have.

When we begin to see existence and ourselves, from the spiritual point of view, beyond the material shell, we gain many other certainties.

The certainty that the incarnation is a unique opportunity to grow, to learn, to mature the soul.

The certainty that the love we cultivate will be reaped at some point, whether it is today or tomorrow.

The certainty that the bonds of love we create or strengthen remain with us forever. Nothing gets lost.

The certainty that there are no wronged in this world, although there is still so much injustice.

The certainty that there is a higher intelligence at the helm, in charge of everything and that we do not need to despair when things get out of our control.

The certainty of life, before the certainty of death. The certainty that every minute matters, that every day is a priceless treasure.

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Before the fragility of material life, of the life of the body, let us perceive the resistance and exuberance of the life of the soul. 

An imperceptible virus can make us sick and can drive us through the death threshold at any instant.

However, let this not reveal our weakness but our greatness.

We are Spirits and have a body, remembering that this have does not mean possession, because there is no absolute property in the field of materiality.

We are Spirits and this essence only advances, it does not retrograde and has no end.

We are here passing through. The Earth is a school, a hospital, it is a sowing field. 

May we use the time we have to get educated, to heal ourselves and to always work for the good.

Let us not be discouraged before the crises, before the moments of suffering. These are school tests only, which take place at the end of the school term. 

Let us go well through the assessments, let us be dedicated students in this world of tests and atonements and soon we will be able to deserve to be part of a better school, the school of regeneration.

This is another certainty that we have: that the pain does not last forever and we can be better today than we were yesterday.

Spiritist Moment Team.
June 24.2021.

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