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ícone Necessary goodbye

That family had a normal life until the day when their two-year-old son started having nightmares.

James would wake up his parents, Bruce and Andrea, almost every night, screaming, while struggling in bed.

Determined to find out what was happening with their little one, they began to watch his sleep more closely.

The phrases he shouted spoke of an airplane on fire and of a pilot who could not get off the plane.

In the sequence of the days, spontaneously, the little kid began to give detailed information, demonstrating a knowledge about airplanes that he had never been taught about.

He revealed names, geographic data and even the designation of an American aircraft carrier from World War II.

All of it intrigued the parents, and after several researches, Bruce found out that everything his son was saying was absolutely true.   

He even contacted people he mentioned. People who had known the boy in a previous life, when he was called James Huston Junior.

The parents lived, between the anguish, the uncertainty and many startles, with all the information that the new James was providing.

His story became known, he was interviewed, although he said he did not want to talk about it.

Then, a Japanese producer wanted to record something very special. They proposed to take James to where the pilot´s plane crashed.

What would he feel? After all, the pilot´s body, killed on March 3rd, 1945, had never been found. His plane had crashed in the Pacific Ocean.

On September 4, 2006, a ceremony was held in his memory. The family boarded a small boat.

Andrea held a bouquet of flowers, which she had bought in Tokyo. The eight-year-old boy did not know what had been planned. He had only been told that they would mark the spot where James Huston´s plane had been shot down.

When the boat arrived at the scene, the captain turned off the engine. Everyone looked at James. He did not look at either his father, or the camera.

The mother pulled her son close to her and said softly: It is time to say goodbye.

James started to cry. It was a profound sob, as if he was putting out everything that had been inside him, for six years.

The passengers were silent. Finally, James picked up the bouquet and threw the flowers into the ocean.

His face was bathed in tears and with a broken voice he said goodbye:

Goodbye, James Huston. I will never forget you.

Soon after, he stood to attention and saluted. Then he rested his head on the mother´s lap and wept some more.

The father came to the conclusion that the circle was complete. Little James could now truly restart his new experience on Earth.

The narrative of the story of the American pilot, killed in combat, was finished.

Bruce was convinced that this narrative is a gift for those who need a tangible proof that there is something beyond death.

That, in short, life does not end in a single stage. And that his son could take charge of his new life in full.

An  incontestable fact, filled with evidence, accumulated over exhaustive researches. A case of reincarnation.

 Spiritist Moment Team, based on the Epilogue of the book
A volta, by Bruce and Andrea Leininger, with Ken Gross.

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June 7.2021.

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