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Curitiba, 16 de Outubro de 2021
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ícone For you, sibling, friend

This is a time of pain. We have been following the growing number of deaths, of contaminated, of people waiting in hospitals for a vacancy, for proper treatment.

We may estimate the pain of those who see the loved one suddenly leave, be it the spouse, the child, the friend, the boyfriend, the fiancée.

It does not matter. They are affections whose separation tears the soul apart. Therefore, our words wish to reach you, who suffers this pains that is only known in its depth, by those who have already suffered it.

For those who saw the loved one make the final trip, leaving a great void in their life due to the physical absence.

Yes, we all know that death will come to us, sooner or later. However, despite so many years of Christianity, despite the message of Immortality that Jesus bequeathed to us, we are still beings who are not convinced that the permanence on Earth is transitory.

It could not be otherwise. If we thought that tomorrow we were going to die, we would not struggle to earn an honest living each day, we would not think of giving ourselves to exhaustive studies to contribute positively to the world.

If we thought that death awaits us around the next corner, we would not consider having a child, because just to see him being born, we must wait for nine months.

It is human nature, and it is contained in the law of conservation, this love for life.  Likewise, it is inserted in the law of progress, established by God, the desire to grow, to produce better.

It is in the labor law, stipulated this force that moves us to seek the post, the function, the profession that allows us not only our well-being, but that of others, our brothers.

What happens is that this life is so extraordinary, wonderful, full of light, color, hope, that we are forgetting that we are not from here. That we are only passing through.

So, when death comes it is always a surprise. We say that in our words: I did not see that coming.

Did he die? How? I talked to him yesterday. I had lunch with him.

 And we dress ourselves in crepe.

Therefore, listener friend, on this day we wish to reach your heart especially to tell you that we wish to embrace you.

Feel cozy in our heart. Feel the vibrations of our affection getting to you. Whether you are in the hospital, sick our waiting for someone to get better; whether you are accompanying the body of your beloved for what we call the last abode, in the flesh, feel the vibrations of out tenderness.

We are praying for you, for your loved ones, incarnated or disincarnated.

Many of us gather, every day, to pray to the good God for all this suffering Humanity. We ask that the pains be shortened, that the pandemic is gone, that new days, of sunshine, of happiness, appear for everyone.

Trust, listener friend. Tomorrow will come with the sun rising in the skies. The winds will come to caress our face and will secrete us again:

You are not alone. God is with you. Jesus rules us. Everything passes. This shall pass too.

We are all travelers on the same ship on Earth. Let us remain united, in hope, in faith.

 Spiritist Moment Team.
May 11.2021.


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