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Curitiba, 05 de Agosto de 2021
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ícone Sidereal immensities

How can anyone stand before all of this and not feel grand?

How can they not perceive their greatness?

How can anyone stand before the Universe and not feel like a part of it?

We are stars in inevitable ascendancy.

Lights that turn on as they unveil their essence and get to know their nuclear love.

It does not matter where we are in the Universe.

Even immenseness does not define us - it is impossible to determine the infinite.

Immensity is only our profound recognition of greatness, affiliation, and gratitude.

*   *   *

May our Spirit launch itself into space and see the gigantic mechanism roll before it - worlds and worlds, systems after systems, in the infinite succession of starred Universes.

Let us hear, like Pythagoras, the sidereal harmonies in the broad and rapid revolutions of the spheres. Let us contemplate, in their reality, the movements that are simultaneously accelerated and regular.

Let us observe that a supreme, Universal Law guides these worlds.

The Milky Way unfolds, like an immense range, with its thousands of stars, so compressed, so far away that they seem to form a continuous mass.

Everywhere, as the night becomes darker, other stars appear, other flames light up like lamps suspended in the divine sanctuary.

Through the unfathomable depths, these worlds exchange their silvery rays. From a distance, they make an impression and speak a silent language.

They do not shine with the same splendor, and the powerful Sirius cannot be compared to the distant Capella.

It takes centuries for its vibrations to reach us, and each one of its rays is like a song, a melody, a penetrating voice.

These songs are summarized as follows: We, too, are the focus of life, suffering, and evolution. Thousands of souls carry out in us fates that are similar to yours.

However, not everyone has the same language, as some state words of peace and happiness, and others, worlds of struggle, atonement, reparation for pain.

Some, as if whispering, state: We already know you, souls of the immensity, you have already been gravitating in these places...

Others still proclaim: We are waiting for you, sidereal inhabitant, with open arms, when you can be here...

Thus, all the stars sing their poem of life and love. They all make us hear a powerful evocation of the past or the future.

They are the many dwellings of our Father´s house, the strides, the great beacons of the roads toward infinity. We will pass through them. We will all live there one day and enter the eternal and divine light.

A great book is open before our eyes, and every patient observer can make out the riddle and read the secret of life eternal.

Spaces and worlds! What wonders do you keep for us?

Sidereal immensities, limitless depths give the impression of divine majesty. In you, everywhere and always, there is harmony, splendor, beauty! Before you, all pride fails, all the foolish glories are undone, disappear.    

Spiritist Moment Team, based on the poem Imensidões siderais,
by Andrey Cechelero, in chapter II of the book Deus na Natureza, by
Camille Flammarion and in chapter X, from the book O Grande Enigma,
by Léon Denis, FEB publisher.
April 30.2021.


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