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Curitiba, 05 de Agosto de 2021
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ícone Ignored Artist

It is natural and guaranteed by law the right of the author over its creation.

For this reason, books, panels, speeches, every work of art brings the signature of its author.

When looking at the pictures of the great masters of painting, we immediately seek the signature, in order to be sure of the authorship.

Those of us who focus on the study of Art, begin to identify the characteristic features of each one of them.

So also in Literature. After reading several works from the same author, we can identify the style.

Is not it strange that every day we contemplate a great work of art and do not recognize the Artist?

We get ecstatic with the vibrant colors of a sunset. We are enchanted by the brightness of the moon, which at times looks like an immense silver lake.

We look at the slender araucaria trees, with their crowned arms raised high, imposing and we wonder how much more they will grow.

In an aerial view, we discover the forest cut by veins and water arteries in picturesque cutouts. A painting worthy of a skilled Artist.

We stop in the garden and the rose offers us the softness of velvet, exhaling perfume, while the daisy presents its immaculate white.

Butterflies, carrying on their wings the paintings of impressionists, cubists, romantics, dancing lightly in the air.

The whole planet we live on is an impressive work. Full of ups and downs, flat lands and mountains. Areas of green forest and burning deserts.

Singing waterfalls and fillets that barely flow between the rocks. Fresh water springs and lakes that are so big they look like an ocean.

Fresh waters. Salt waters.

And sweet, acidic, hyperhydric fruits present themselves in profusion as inexhaustible sources of water, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, vitamins and other micronutrients, distributed in a perfect balance.

Is it not surprising that the Author of all this remains ignored? At least for those who do not have eyes to see, enough sensitivity to perceive Him.

This Unsurpassed Artist, who strives for constant daily production, also provides the air for us to breathe and all the other conditions for us to live on this Earth.

Some insist on denying that He exists, because we cannot find His signature anywhere.

Others, those of us who have already awakened and sharpened our sensitivity, discovered His signature on every leaf vein, on every drop of water, on every grain of sand.

Everything unique, unparalleled.

And we are absolutely sure that He commands all the laws that rule our globe and the Universe in which we move.

He is attentive to the Earth´s rotation and translation movements and observes, with His gaze, our constant journey through the Universe, following the solar system.

A journey in a vertiginous speed but, because we are protected by These skillful hands, we do not even notice the displacement.

We do not even realize that we travel so much...

Because, after all, this Artist´s house is so huge that no matter how much we explore outer space, we will not exhaust its totality.

 It would be important that we discover Him and pay reverence to His phenomenal work.

 Spiritist Moment Team.
April 26.2021.

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