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Curitiba, 05 de Agosto de 2021
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ícone Love and tenderness

A man, disillusioned with life, went in search of a professional, because he needed help for his opressed chest.

He started by saying that he no longer loved his wife, and so he wanted to separate.

The therapist observed him and told him that his case was simple, as long as certain points were clarified.

He continued, saying that the man should love his wife and treat her with tenderness.

Restless, the man stated that he no longer felt anything for his wife, and that he needed help to be able to get a divorce.

Again, he heard that he should love her tenderly.

That man, who expected a simple, practical and plausible solution, felt very uncomfortable.

Therefore, the professional spoke, giving a new color to the situation:

To love is a decision, it is not just a feeling.

To love is dedication and surrender, it is tenderness and affection.

To love is a verb, and the fruit of this action is love.

Love is a noun, a gardening exercise.

It is need to rip out whatever is bad, at the root, prepare the ground, sow, be patient, water it, take care of it...

Plagues may appear, the drought may come, not even for that we should abandon the garden.

Thus, we must love our partner, accept it, value it, respect it, give it love and tenderness, admiration and understading.

That is way the most correct path, for you, is to love.

Simply love, love!

And that man, previously suspicious, now thoughtful, left with the firm objective of thinking about that recipe: to love is a verb, an action. Love is a noun, an exercise.

*   *   *

Discarding what apparently no longer serves and bothers us is very practical and convenient.

It doesn´t take much, just a little courage and daring.

When, however, our feelings mature and we start to wish the other what we want for ourselves, everything changes.

Blessed are those who make you think, meditate.

Blessed are the ones who show us the situation experienced from a clearer angle.

Life is a school, where the lessons of each day serve as an alarm clock, to wake up in certain situations.

We need to discover the hidden potentials in ourselves.

It is always time to dedicate affection, tenderness and love, to those who share our paths in life.

We learned that it is necessary to do good according to our strength.

More: that we will answer for all the evil that results from the good that we do not do.

Therefore, we cannot consider ourselves useless.

God is present in us.

Let us seek help and help our loves to grow in life.

The treasures of kindness, we carry in the heart, to be spread around us.

Even if we do not have the wealth of intellectual culture, we can always spread the wealth of good feelings.

We may not be immensely happy, but we can be happy about the well-being that we sow.

Life presents us with opportunities every new day.

We are children of God, and we are immersed in His love.

If we have not yet started to act accordingly, it is always time to start.

Intelligence without love makes us wicked.

Life without tenderness and love is meaningless.

 Spiritist Moment Team.
March 22.2021.

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