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Curitiba, 21 de Abril de 2021
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ícone One world

Journeying brothers and sisters of the Earth:

Since the beginning of time we have been by your side.

We are the discreet breeze that is present, causing the green leaves that give you shade to dance.

We are the cloud that dissipates or clusters overhead, foreseeing clear times or that of struggles.

We are the coincidence of the encounter and the mismatch, when we wish, somehow, that you hear us clearly.

We are the memory that arises out of nowhere. We are the sudden intuition. We are the song of comfort that echoes within the soul, for no apparent reason.

We are the ideas that are added to your own. We are the lyrics of your songs. We are the songs of your lyrics. Anyway, we are one world.

Yes... Our worlds have always been one.

You were the ones who learned to refer to us as beings from another world, beings from another sphere.

You were the ones who learned to call this side of Life as there... as beyond.

Borders are just shy drawings of transitions, of passages.

They will disappear as soon as you understand the universal laws more in depth.

Everything is just a matter of perspective.

Listen: life is only one, the life of the Spirit, of all of us, regardless of whether we are in the physical body right now or not.

 Life is only one and it interconnect us all, creatures of Creation: from the atom to the most perfect being.

And the soul... souls are all siblings.

Coming from God, all children of the Human Race are united by tight bonds of fraternity and solidarity.

All beings are connected to each other and influence each other.

The entire Universe is subject to the law of solidarity.

The worlds in the depths of the ether, the stars that, thousands of leagues away, crisscross their silver rays, know one another, call upon each other and answer one another.

 A force, which we denominate attraction, brings them together through the chasms of space.

This same strength, which is only one of the thousand nuances of the Creator´s love, has also always enabled souls, in all degrees of their ascension, to be attracted and helped by higher entities.

All Spirits on the march are helped by their more advanced brothers and must, in turn, assist all those less evolved than them.

This constant fertilization of the most arid, needy hearts by the most enlightened and noble souls, is wonderful.

It is from this place that all the brilliant insights, the deep inspirations, the grandiose revelations are derived.

At all times, high thinking radiated into the human brain. God, in His fairness, never refused His help or His light for any race, for any people. He has sent guides, missionaries, prophets to everyone.

The truth is one and eternal, it penetrates Humanity through successive irradiations, as their understanding becomes more able to assimilate it.

One world. We have always been one single world, interconnected by the subtleties of exultant life, intertwined in God, Spirit and matter.

The Spirit blows wherever it wants, and behold, here we are, where we wish to be, beside him, in a single world.

Spiritist Moment Team, with quotation of chapter III,
from the book
O Grande Enigma, by Léon Denis,
publisher FEB.

April 13.2021.

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