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Curitiba, 21 de Abril de 2021
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ícone The Heavenly Strategist

Strategic planning is a common concept, within the scope of administration, which means the act of thinking and making plans in a strategic way.

It helps in setting goals. It also means using available resources efficiently, increasing the productivity of an individual or company.

Human resource planning. Financial Planning. Everything is of great importance for any enterprise to achieve the desired success.

For his reason, when defining His coming to Earth, Master Jesus prepared a plan, which included millennia, messengers of varied order and closest servants.

Establishing that He would come for His flock, he cherished the hope of thousands of Spirits exiled from a distant solar system, who landed on the blue planet, while still in its primitive world phase.

Feeding their minds, He relied on their memories to be announced in every quarters, throughout the ages.

And, in order that the paths might be properly prepared for His arrival, He sent messengers of His trust, as valued scouts, through the ages.

We recognize His spokesmen in every corner of the Earth.

Fo-Hi in China reveals lessons of great purity and the most advanced metaphysics. Lao-Tzu brings lessons full of perfume of exquisite moral wisdom.

And Confucius, six centuries before the birth of Jesus, influences with his doctrine not only China, but all of East Asia.

As precursors of the Christian idea, Socrates and Plato emerged in Greece. And as the time of being born among men approached, the Lord Jesus chose the twelve, the pillars for the proper propagation of His message.

He did not forget to choose a well educated man, Levi, to proceed with the first and precious notes.

The person in charge of world value, Judas, from Kerioth, was not lacking. Certainly, someone who offered to serve the great plan and whom Jesus, given the creature´s free will, included among the twelve.

He also chose the seventy-two, those in charge of going through the villages, two by two, announcing the arrival of the Messiah.

People from many cities. Creatures that He strategically positioned on Earth in certain locations.

For this reason, he identified Zacchaeus, in Jericho, who was to lead the apostolic works in Caesarea.

In the same way, he goes to Sicar, in Samaria, to remember Fotina, the woman from the well of Jacob, of his mission. She becomes the Illuminator, serving the Good News.

Jesus, Model and Guide. Skillful, precise strategist. He outlined a plan and executed it, step by step, with all the details.

Those who have no eyes to see, do not perceive the excellent diligence in each action.

But only a well-executed planning would allow such a short messianic life to sow seeds that continue to bear fruit, passing the second millennium of His stay among us.

Think about it.  

Spiritist Moment Team.
March 1º.2021.

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