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Curitiba, 04 de Março de 2021
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ícone What it took

Prophets and troubadours have come down through the ages in various nations to call us to fraternity and peace.

The Planetary Governor, Jesus, sent precursors to announce the need for the human being to be more brother of his brother.

Some spoke to the winds. Others had their voices silenced by our wickedness, which wished to hear nothing.

We did not want to change our way of submitting others, of using Earth´s goods in a selfish way.

Ambition, pride. Power concentrated in a few hands. Too much gold in here. Lack in there.

Some of us dressed in silk and purple and others with rough and coarse clothing.

So, the Lord of the Earth himself came to be with us. He was announced in an unusual way, by an angelic choir.

A few shepherds in the field heard it.

As a teenager, He demonstrated all His wisdom, among the so-called doctors of the Jewish temple. In vain.

It seemed to us like a comet, establishing His trajectory in the Heavens and disappearing in the small town of Nazareth.

He walked through the roads, spoke to everyone, inviting us to His kingdom, which had no outward appearances. A special kingdom in the intimacy of each one.

But we did not hear Him. His poetry echoed through the mountains, through the valleys, by the Sea of Galilee, through the dusty roads of Judea.

He promised to send another envoy from Him. And so He did. In the nineteenth century, the renewal of the invitation resounded throughout the Earth.

Come to me, all of you who are tired and afflicted and I will relieve you.

We disregard the messengers and the call.

We continue to live as inconsequential people, abusing everything that Earth offered us in abundance.

We built walls to distance ourselves from other beings, forgetting that we belong to the same and only species, the human.

We formulate separatist treaties, create wars and guerrillas, in the name of different ideas, possession of territories, precious stones and honors.

We pollute the transparent water of rivers and lakes with the products of our unpredictability, making it dark and muddy.

We also painted them red with the blood of so many brothers that we eliminated in our foolish battles.

 Invitations. Calls. The times have come, the messengers of the Heavens announced, through many mouths and in various forms.

We remain indifferent as if we own everything and can command the very forces of nature.

Then, a terrible virus reached us. It spread rapidly across the whole Earth.

And we had to stop. Stop the wars, stop the disputes, stop our thirst to collect coins and more coins.

Now, the most precious treasure is life. And it requires drastic measures for its conservation. Confinement, hygiene, reformulation of attitudes.

The Earth is breathing again and we, inhabitants, are being invited to rethink our way of being, of acting, with the risk of not continuing on it.

Time to think. Time to reevaluate our own life. Time to think about the good of everyone, the conservation of air, water, climate, everything that has been offered to us for so long and that we disregard.

Time to reflect. Today, while the opportunity is made.

 Spiritist Moment Team.
February 18.2021.

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