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Curitiba, 04 de Março de 2021
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ícone Our religious life

It is common for us to confuse our religious life with other feelings known in the world.

A few of us realize that religion, from latim religare means to reconnect.

That is, reconnect the human soul to the Creator.

Created by the love of God, we are born bounded to Him by a symbolic umbilical cord.

Placed on the road of evolution, being able to use our fee-will, we need to develop our progress.

Making mistakes here and there, we are distancing ourselves from the Creator Father.

Our destiny is to return to Him conscious, mature, like a son who leaves his home to study at a University and comes back graduated, to collaborate at home with the family.

In this way, we begin to realize the importance of our religious life. It is not religion what we say, it is religion what we do.

Our religious life is an internal reality of the being. It is a truth that goes on inside our soul.

And we externalize it in different ways.

When, as dedicated parents, we transpire in the job of re-educating our children; when, we firmly invest loving resources to conduct them well, we are carrying out religious acts.

When, as doctors, we devote ourselves to our patient, we are truly interested in them, and not in how much they are paying; when we are willing to enforce the Hippocratic oath, to save lives, whether we receive for it or not, we are carrying out a religious act. 

Every time, in the moment of anger, of uproar, we have a calming word, a word of harmony, it is a religious gesture.

Likewise, when we send a good thought to someone, wishing them to be happy, to be successful, to get that job.

If we work honestly, we want the community in which we live to benefit from what we know how to do; if we commit ourselves to a volunteer task, willing to collaborate, to serve; if we choose to work with people orientation, guiding societies, helping them, as administrators, as politicians of good nature; if we make our lives available to the Divinity, these are religious gestures.

True religion is important precisely because it makes us change.

This is the best religion, the one that turns beings into good men, peace lovers, of service to others.

Jesus pointed out that the mouth speaks of what the heart is full of, what the soul is filled with.

 This tells us, without a doubt, that it is very important that religion is a gesture, an act, an action, much more than words.

To reconnect ourselves to God is, therefore, to accomplish, in the paths we follow here on Earth, everything that is important for us to have a more beautiful, clearer life; and lead with us those who are dear to us, our affective dependents.

With a well-nourished, well-ventilated religious life, we will gradually be able to follow the path that leads us to the truth for the sake of life because it was Jesus who said that no one would reach the Father except through Him, presenting himself as the Way, the Truth and the Life.

 Spiritist Moment Team, based on Chapter 16, from the book
Vida e Valores
, organized and written by Maria Helena Marcon,
from the television program of the same name, from
Raul Teixeira, FEP publisher.
February 12.2021.

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