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Curitiba, 04 de Março de 2021
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ícone The Incomparable Singer

He arrived on Earth, announced by a Celestial choir that was heard by simple people, who were in the fields. Beings that slept under the canopy of the stars, while guarding the sheep, in the night not yet completely cold.

The Shepherd of souls was announced to the shepherds... Significant message.

The verses of the song have been repeated over the centuries, lulling hope and sustaining the souls: Glory to God on high, peace on Earth, good will towards men.

And the Lord of the stars became flesh and inhabited among us. He waited for the years for Him to sing the most uplifting song of all times.

Song that has gone through the ages, that has survived wars, persecutions, adulteration by men of bad faith.

On the banks of Gennesaret, in Capernaum, Dalmanutha, Bethsaida, through the paths of Galilee and Samaria, men heard His voice, calling them to the kingdom of God.

When He opened His mouth and spoke, with the authority of His perfection, verses of Spirituality and moral comfort sprang up:

Come to me, all of you, who are afflicted and overwhelmed and I will relieve you. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me that I am meek and lowly in heart and you will find rest for your souls, for my yoke is easy and my burden is light.

But His song was not only of consolation, it was also of glorification to the Father and to life. Incomparable verser, He took from the lyre of nature to strum the delicate notes of His poems.

Look at the birds of the sky, which do not sow, reap, or supply in the barns, yet your heavenly father supports them.

Consider how the lilies of the field grow. They do not work or spin, and yet neither Solomon, in all his glory, ever dressed as one of them.

Men and women who followed Him learned the song and have been repeating it, for centuries. Not even the medieval night, with all its shadow, have managed to obscure the brightness of the song.

And, even today, the sweet song of Jesus is repeated, fascinating lives.

Not only the miserable and hopeless lives, but those of all who wish to have life in abundance.  And those who discover the secrets of the song, wrap it up in the acoustics of the soul. And they sing it too.

So it was with the martyrs who, for three centuries, entered the arenas, facing the beasts, the scourge and the fire among songs of praise.

To the attacks of the deaf, they answered with the arpeggios of musicality that they had learned from the extraordinary Singer.

And even today, men repeat the song, anxious to hear it again, from His lips, who overcame death, at the dawn of resurrection.   

*   *   *

Jesus is the Heavenly Singer of Immortality. His voice continues to invite us to His kingdom, which is not of this world, which has no outward appearances, the kingdom of heaven.

Let us soften the longing, allowing ourselves to hear on the stage of our intimacy, the sound of His verses: I am the good shepherd. None of the sheep my father has entrusted to me will be lost.

The good shepherd gives his life for his sheep.

Spiritist Moment Team, with quotations of Mathew, chapter XI,
verses 28 a 30; chapter VI, verses 26, 28 and 29 and John,
chapter X, verses 11 and 14.
January 5.2021.

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