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Curitiba, 04 de Março de 2021
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ícone A New Year, a new chance

The New Year is coming. Some of us look forward to it because it will mark a different stage in our life.

It will be the year of our entrance to the University. It will be the year in which the trip we plan should take place.

It will be the year in which we will get married, in which we will have a child, in which we will finish the book we have been writing and publish it.

It will be the year... Of many achievements, it is what we idealized.

Usually, it has many festivities. Fireworks, loud music, various schedules.

We should all, really, strive to celebrate the New Year intensely. It is a new stage. The Earth clock indicates that three hundred and sixty-five days have expired and that so many more will have to be repeated.

It is a moment of joy, of fraternization, of remembering friends, of perhaps distant affections and of honoring them with our presence, or with our embrace, our virtual conversation.

Moments when we enjoy the joy of the sun, the generosity of the sea, in this immense continent that we inhabit, called Brazil.

However, it would be interesting, among so many hugs and celebrations, to remember those who enter the New Year without so many opportunities.

Remember those who are in hospitals, suffering pain, in a process of health recovery. Or the ones who are simply waiting for death to embrace them, so that the pains already faced and overcome will cease.

Remember those who do not have a home to call their own and wander through the streets, the roads, without having a safe port to reach.

Remember those who mourn the physical absence of so many loved ones who have left, leaving a huge gap in the soul. And, on that day, the longing becomes more intense.

Remember the mothers who have their children in prisons, children who have taken strange paths, different from what they had envisioned.

 Remember who collects, on the roads, today, the body of a loved being, harvested by the misfortune of an accident.

Remember those who are alone and wonder if one day they will find a dear soul that will support them, cuddle them, give them affection.

Remember those who live in unconsciousness of themselves, without being aware of the day that comes, the days that goes.

Remember the mothers who lead disabled children, who would very much wish that they could smile at them, only once, or take their hand and walk with them, at least a few steps.

Remember so many who are hungry for bread. Also suffer from hunger and thirst for justice and protection.

And then, among so many celebrations, dedicate a few minutes to pray to the Heavens for them, so that the New Year brings comfort to their hearts, encouragement for the continuity of the struggles, hope that something will be changed.

That for them there will also be smiles, and blessings, and flowers, soon. For God, the Father of all, does not forget any of His children.

And, though the pains we need to endure for our own improvement, He provides smiles from a friendly soul, the generous hand of an anonymous rescuer, the quiet speech of someone who calms down.

New Year. Let hope be the constant flame that we will never let go out.

Spiritist Moment Team.
January 6.2021.

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