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Curitiba, 04 de Março de 2021
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ícone The Man of strange speeches

His were the weirdest speeches Earth has ever heard or would hear again.

He claimed to be the Son of man. And it was necessary for the centuries to pass so that we could understand that He was so called because He did not belong to this Humanity.

He came here only once with a very specific objective: to teach the Law of love, exemplify it in all its shades and under the most different aspects.

When all the great ones on Earth have their palaces, their domains, their vassals, He said that snakes had their own dens, birds had their own nests.

But He, the Son of man, did not have one single rock to rest His head on.

It was the lesson of detachment from material goods, of their needlessness when the purpose is to revolutionize the thinking of a whole Humanity as He did.

In such radical way, that He marked His passage on the planet, dividing History between before and after Him.

Before, it was the law of an eye for an eye. Retaliation Law.

With Him, the age of love, of the search for the other, of caring about others, is inaugurated.

We learned that the solar star is the light that illuminates our planet. But, He claimed to be the light of the world.

Star of first magnitude, star of the day. Whoever walked with Him would not walk in darkness.

He did not refer to the physical light, which we need for our nights. He spoke of the light that always illuminates, that breaks the darkness of ignorance, of evil.

Light of the world.

He claimed that we were children of light. Generated by divine light.

Therefore, the invitation for us to let our light shine. Light of our intelligence, of our love.

More so, he claimed that if our eyes were good, our whole body would be light.

Good eyes to see the beautiful, reflect the good. Eyes of understanding.

A Man of strange speeches.

When we wanted to defend more rights and less duties, He advised that if someone asked us to walk a thousand steps, we would walk up to two thousand.

What saying are these for a Humanity still so ignorant? Give in to the other, do not fight back, forgive the enemy. Pray for those who persecute and slander us.

Who could understand these speeches? Who could follow them?

*   *   *

The Man of strange lines had many followers.

In Umbria, a young singer produced verses of praise to the Heavens, to the Creator, to nature.

He recalled that it was best to donate.

And he proposed the reconstruction of Christ´s thought for man´s happiness.

In India, a skinny woman went to the poorest poor, with her faith and her persistence in love.

In Bahia, another woman, small, sick, attracted all those disinherited from joy, health and abundance to offer them bread, medicine, the happiness of feeling like human beings.

The Man of strange speeches has His life searched until today. There are those who say that He was an invention to cherish unhappy people.

There are those who claim that He was just a prophet who walked the roads saying things that no one ever understood.

Those who find Him in the intimacy of the heart, simply love Him.

Jesus, the Man of speeches filled with love and wisdom.

Spiritist Moment Team.
January 5.2021.

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