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Curitiba, 04 de Março de 2021
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ícone His first Christmas

My son... It is your first Christmas.

For some time I thought about what to tell you, because, as father, I have also the mission to present you the world - to describe it in all its nuances.

Wow... It is your first Christmas...

I know that the little lights that shine everywhere will delight your eyes... But, about them, I would like to tell you that they represent stars.

Yes, the stars of Heaven, which we wanted to bring closer to us. So we adorn the windows of life with these multicolored lamps.

You know... We would not need all of them, because only one would be enough for us: the one that represents the coming to Earth of a very dear Friend, whom we call Jesus.

Yes, the same Jesus of our daily prayer, with whom we speak quickly before you went to sleep.

Only one star would be enough... to bring us closer.

Not everyone in the world remembers that, my child... And although we can see little shine stars in almost every home, in most of them, they are only shining on the outside and not within their hearts.

Here at home they are everywhere, because you like them a lot, don´t you? And you can be sure that they are within mom´s and dad´s hearts, and within all those that love you very much!

*   *   *

You will hear the word present a lot, and I confess to you that many people will pronounce this word without the slightest idea of what it means.

They will look for these presents out there, in stores, on television, on the Internet, but they will not be able to find them...

For you to understand well what a present is, just remember your mother´s and father´s face when we hug you daily.

A present is a joy that never ends, my son...

You will see some men dressed in a pretty red outfits, too. You better get used to it, as they will be all around.

You may be a little scared of them, but you should know that they represent the goodness in the hearts of men, a goodness that makes people let go of their stuff and give them to those who need them more than they do.

You will see parties, different foods, crowded streets, beautiful songs. But know that all of that is just a very timid representation of what Christmas really is.

Christmas is an invitation that is remade to us every year, little son, when the Good Spirits of the Universe return to tell us that we were born and reborn to love and that love must be above all in existence.

We hope to be able to present you love, over the Christmas seasons that we will spend together.

And for that, we will speak again, again and again, about that Friend that we call Jesus. The Jesus of the bedtime prayer, the Jesus of Christmas, the Jesus of love...

Also know, beloved son, that on your first Christmas, your parents are very greatful to the Higher Father for having you by their side. 

The little stars here at home will shine everywhere, and each one will be saying: I love you.

Merry Christmas, my son...

Spiritist Moment Team.
January 5.2021.

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