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Curitiba, 04 de Março de 2021
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ícone We stayed at home

We live in curious times. All matters were placed in background. Nothing is more urgent than surviving. The world was filled with fear and uncertainty.

A common enemy, without nationality, without a face, with no stated cause, brought the planet to its knees.

And the human being, from the top of his haughtiness of a dominant species, had to recognize that he has no control over everything.

Stop what you are doing! Postpone the commitments! Take care and stay at home!

Social distance seemed to be one of the defense alternatives. Staying physically apart from each other and avoid crowding.

A great campaign encouraged everyone to stay at home.

But, what does this stay at home mean?

What message did life offer us with this alternative?

What message are the greatest laws in the Universe loudly proclaiming in our hearts and minds?

Staying at home, at first, might seem like just an operation to avoid contagion. It is what the authorities in the Health Care Area directed.

However, let us think further.

Staying at home means an opportunity of retreating, reflection, to reconsider steps and priorities.

Staying at home means getting in touch with the intimate home, the soul. This is our true home.

It is time to look inside, to look at what we are, what we really want in this existence and to observe where life was taking us until then.

Where were we going? What was the main direction of our existence? What most concerned and occupied us?

How were our loved ones? How was our time for them?

Staying at home also means: look at our family! Understand that there are our biggest missions. Nothing is more important than that.

What is the point of having so many ambitions in the area of the profession, in the area of finances, investments, if everything can suddenly collapse?

However, affective bonds are never lost. Healthy relationships neverfall apart. Not even the dreaded death can take that away from us.

We stayed at home. We stayed with ours. We talked to them about things we had never talked about before. We expressed our fears, we heard about theirs.

We expressed gratitude and opened our hearts to receive someone else´s gratitude.

We comforted and we were comforted. We said what we think, but we also listened to what others think.

We stayed at home, we did not go out on the street of life´s ephemeral conquests, we did not go to places where crowds of pernicious desires and vanities go.

We stayed at home, looked in the eyes, embraced our loves, and abandoned the routine.

Our life was not the same after we spent more time in the home of soul.

And, interestingly, we found that what, apparently, came to make us sick, has actually collaborated to heal us.

We stayed at home. We connected ourselves to our divine essence. We have withdrawn the strength to face the difficulties, whatever they were. We got stronger. We found our true health.

Spiritist Moment Team.
January, 5.2021.

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