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Curitiba, 05 de Março de 2021
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ícone Why so much suffering?

The News comes to us on the fly, through television, newspaper, radio, internet. In Nepal, a large earthquake left more than seven thousand dead.

The capital, Kathmandu, became almost a war scenario when thousands of people, fearing the lack of food and without their homes, were waiting for the buses to leave the place.

Revolt, fear, despair came together and led the people to a confrontation with the police, sent to the site to try to control the situation.

In Chile, after a dormancy of almost half a century, the Calbuco volcano erupted, causing thaws, which generated the immediate isolation of cities surrounding watersheds.

A cloud of ash has spread over the central area of the country and part of Argentina, causing many flights to be canceled. The column of pyroclastic material reached seventeen kilometers of altitude.

In western Santa Catarina, a tornado left two dead, one hundred and twenty wounded, over a thousand homeless people. There are almost three thousand damaged houses. Damage of such an amount that it is estimated around a year for the reconstruction of the city.

In the capital of another state, after a storm, a lot of rain, the landslides began, which caused the death of thirteen people. Loss of life adds to material loss.

All of this is informed to us in detail. The television footage shows the destruction: lava flowing down the mountainside, the cloud of smoke, torrential rain, winds that reached three hundred and thirty kilometers an hour.

Heritage built in decades reduced to dust, in a matter of few seconds.

And we wonder why? Why so many calamities? And, perhaps because the news comes to us in real time, catastrophes seem to be occurring together, exploding pains all over the world.

Jesus, in His prophetic Sermon, warned about these pains that would come to us, announcing the end of times.

End of times for an Earth still dominated by evil, another one emerging, which is moving towards peace, good and love.

So, just like a house under renovation, where chaos seems to set in, all of this occurs.

It is the overthrow of an old world, for renewal.

Renewal of the beings that inhabit the Earth, because some go and others return, through reincarnation, replacing those.

Renewal of physical landscapes, changing geography, modifying the material world, as occurred in other times, on the planet.

In the face of all this, we must meditate: what are we doing while this is happening around us? Sometimes even reaching us?

It is time to think that we are perishable while human beings. That all of our assets are not durable, except as long as certain terrain and climate conditions are stable.

Today we wake up and are living on Earth. Tomorrow, the outlook may be different. We may be on the spiritual plane, caught up in physical death.

We may be in another place, our goods having dissipated like a sandstorm, which comes, attacks and passes.

Think about it. And let us invest more in ourselves. Let us cultivate intelligence, goodness, morals and ethics.

We are too fragile on this planet, to remain being proud, vainglory and selfish.

Think about it.

Spiritist Moment Team.
November 13.2020.

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