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Curitiba, 11 de Maio de 2021
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ícone God´s care

He lived very well with his wife and children. Life smiled at him and he felt fulfilled, professionally.  

Then, an aggressive cancer manifested itself and began its ordeal: surgeries, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. A journey of pain, longing and suffering.

Also a time of learning, development of self-knowledge, patience and humility.

He had always felt a very strong support from Spirituality, although, in recent times, he lacked the necessary inner harmony to truly perceive this spiritual support.

In convalescence from the ninth surgery, which removed a lump from his neck, Fabio was at home alone. The wife had taken the children to play in the park, enjoying the sunny day and clear skies.

He wanted to drink terere, a drink of Paraguayan origin, a kind of maté tea with cold water. Since a few weeks before the surgery, he had had to abstain from the drink.

He went to the kitchen and started preparing it. That is when he realized he did not have any lemon.

Never mind, he said to himself.

However, he allowed himself to be a little sadder. After all, without lemon, terere would not taste the same.

A few minutes passed and he heard two faint knocking on the apartment door.

Carefully, because he was still with stitches, at the surgery site, we went to answer.

To his surprise, he saw the three-year-old son from the neighbor on the same floor.

I came to bring you lemon. - The little one told him.

And before Fabio could understand what was happening, the boy´s mother appeared, apologizing for the inconvenience.

I do not know what happened, she said. He was watching TV, suddenly he got up, grabbed a lemon from the fridge, opened the apartment door and ran off.

Fabio crouched down, took the lemon, thanked him, gave the child a hug.

He returned to the kitchen and finished preparing his drink with lemon. Tears began to flow from his eyes.

He was so sorry for himself, so sad. As if he were alone in the world, in the face of a long convalescence.

But God had given him a message. He was watching over him. And He had used a child to tell him that. A child who had come to bring what he needed to feel a little better.

*  *  *

God and Spirituality are certainly not at our disposal to do us favors.

Not even to provide items we need.

But every day they offer a demonstration of care to reassure us and show us that they are with us.

Small things, small details. However, it is characteristic of greatness not to forget tiny things, almost insignificant but which become very important for our lives.

According to the evangelical exhortations, even the hairs on our head are numbered and none of them is lost without the Father knowing it.

Nothing occurs to us without divine science. Without the knowledge of this God who wears the grass of the field, who does not weave or spin;

Who provides food for the birds, which do not sow, harvest or store in barns.

That loving and good Father watches over each one of us, His children, every day.

Let us not forget this detail.

Spiritist Moment Team, based on
fact occured with doctor Fabio Renan Durand.
October 21.2020.


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