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Curitiba, 24 de Janeiro de 2021
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ícone What if life was not a single book?

They compare human existence to many things.

They have already equated it to a road. Other have shown it to be similar to a great journey. Some made it look like climbing a lush mountain.

There are those who say that life is a great book, an autobiography that we have been writing since we were born.

Curious comparison. Imagine even if life could be equated with a literary work, of these very thick. In the first pages the first years and in the last ones the final ones.

Pages of pain, pages of joy. Pages of achievements, pages of frustration. Sacrifice pages, reward pages. All would be recording exactly what we live, feel and do.

A single book. A single existence.

Let us expand this view a little further, thinking outside the box: What if life was not just a book? What if the existence of the Spirit were an entire library?

Yes, if our story were told by dozens, hundreds of books that are being stored in a large hall full of majestic shelves.

Each new life, each new incarnation, a new book. The most recent books will always be related to the old ones. When we start a new one, we will have the impression that it is the first, but it will be just one more.

This would explain many things, such as our innate skills, our tendencies, the difficulties we have, the fact that some were born in the midst of facilities and others with so many needs.

This is because what we wrote in the previous books was a kind of sowing, a preface to this new work. Old books will always be related to new ones.

Let us speak clearly: we are immortal beings and of many incarnations, many experiences.

We probably do not remember that, we may not have access to such memories at this moment, because Divine Providence is very wise and wanted each new book to have that freshness of renewal, of new opportunity.

When you need to remember or have access to those memories, we will remember.

It is important to know that our life is much bigger than just the story we are writing now. That at the moment we are reaping what we planted, and that we are daily sowing the future.

Let us think about it when we are faced with any decision, with our important choices, with what we want for us, from now on.

It is interesting to know that we are all in the same process. Both our loves and our opponents.

So, let us love. Let us love more and more and better, because love will never be lost and we never lose anyone.

Let us also forgive, be reconciled as soon as possible, because if it is not now, it will be in the next volume of our collection of incarnations.

Let us continue writing a beautiful story, full of joy and love for our neighbor.

May it have many characters and may we be light in the lives of all of them.

That even in the paragraphs of difficulties we can remember that soon new pages, new chapters and also new books will arrive.

Spiritist Moment Team.
September 28.2020.

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