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Curitiba, 11 de Maio de 2021
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ícone God creates the route, man builds the paths

The scenic route of Trollstigen, in Norway, covers a route of abundant nature, with impressive views of rugged mountains, waterfalls, deep fjords and green valleys.

The names of the imposing mountains give an idea of its majesty: the king, the queen, the bishop.

Thanks to the human ingenuity, it is possible to go around a road of one hundred and six kilometers long, winding the slopes.

There are eleven sharp curves. The possibility, since the opening of the road in 1963, to drive a vehicle through this steep area is due to the feat of skilled engineers and builders.

Admired, we wonder: Was God challenging His creature to wander through such extraordinary places and seeming unreachable?

Certainly, He, the Lord of everything, has the exact knowledge of what can the being be, which He created in His image and likeness.     

Traveling this road, it is not really know what to praise more. Whether nature with its beauty, which surprises with each new curve, in this sloping region, or if the structure created by man.

And we start to think. If we can create conditions to travel through mountainous, steep regions; if we have the capacity to overcome abysses, joining extremities with phenomenal bridges, what can we no longer do?

It is then that we realize that we are not better people just because we have not yet directed our will towards our intimacy.

 We have not yet triggered our will to discover how to overcome the abyss of intolerance, which lead us to distance ourselves from our brothers in humanity.

We also have not thought about how we can overcome differences, creating roads of understanding, so that we have less conflicts due to issues that are nothing more than accidents along the way.

Overcoming selfishness, overcoming prejudices. These are goals that we must pursue. And, let us be sure: that is possible.

Then, the borders of the countries will be nothing more than limits that will tell us where one country ends and the other begins.

Languages, cultures, customs will be mere details that we will, gradually, overcome.

And we will only enrich each other with the knowledge of the other´s wealth.

The soil reserves, which we dispute so much, will be able to be shared, exchanged, and negotiated, in a healthy way, without dishonest and aggressive conflicts.

Immortal beings. Intelligent beings of Creation. This is us.

Let us use this potential to transform this world into an oasis of peace, progress, work, cooperation.

It will be so good when we all join hands, exchanging technology, information, food, knowledge, in healthy trade.

It will be so good when we learn that the one who lives across the border is just another brother, son of the same God, created for the same purpose: perfection.

Let us keep in mind that if we manage to overcome the obstacles of geographic relief, which challenge us, we can, equally, overcome the bad inclinations and misconceptions that live within us.

That is possible. Be sure of it.

Spiritist Moment Team.
September 14.2020.

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