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Curitiba, 11 de Maio de 2021
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ícone In the realm of butterflies

At the edge of a swamp, a butterfly landed on a nest of larvae and spoke to the small caterpillars:

Hello. I am your sister. I come to tell you to have hope. You will not always stick to the swamp herbs!

Strive not to succumb to the blows of the wind that, from time to time, sweeps the landscape.

Wait! After the sleep that awaits you, everyone will wake up with wings of pure velvet, reflecting the solar splendor...

Then you will no longer crawl, stuck in the damp and sad soil. You will acquire a precious view of life, as you will be able to climb very high and your food will be the nectar of flowers...

You will travel in awe, contemplating the world in a new light!

While the messenger paused slightly, there were admired exclamations:

What a mysterious creature!

Is it a miraculous fairy?

It has nothing in common with us...

Radiating the soft aroma of the garden from which it came, the beautiful visitor smiled and continued:

Make no mistake! I am not a heavenly fairy! My wings are an integral part of the new form that nature reserves for you.

Yesterday, I lived with you. Tomorrow you will live with me! You will float in the immense space, in sublime flights in full light. Freed from the mud, you will rise happily.

You will get to know the beauty of the flowering crowns and the tasty nectar of the perfumed petals. You will contemplate the height and breadth of the firmament...

Soon after, casting a loving look at the excited family, it spread its colorful wings and, flying gracefully, disappeared into the infinite blue.

Then, the oldest caterpillar of the group arrived at the nest and, listening to the excited comments of the young companions, irritably ordered:

Be quiet and listen! All of this is folly, lies, ramblings...

Do not be fooled! We will never have wings!

We are caterpillars, nothing but caterpillars. Let us be practical, in the immediacy of life itself. Forget about so-called winged beings that do not exist!

We simply need to eat and eat... Then sleep, death... And nothing... Nothing else...

The caterpillars fell silent, disenchanted.

Night fell and, in the shade, the head caterpillar fell asleep, without waking up the next day. It was completely still.

The sisters, worried, watched the phenomenon with curiosity...

After a while, to everyone´s amazement, the ignorant and disbelieving guide appeared as a velvet butterfly, with light and rapid wings, dancing in the air...

*   *   *

Just like the beautiful butterfly that descended to the dark spheres where its sisters caterpillars crawled, one day, Humanity also received a visit from a Sublime Being, who came to bring comfort and hope.

He spoke of the triumphant life beyond the physical cocoon.

He himself, after freeing himself from the physical body, appeared freer and brighter than before, showing himself to His disciples, to His friends.

Then, lightly, He disappeared into the immense blue, before five hundred witnesses, admired, in distant Galilee...

Despite the time passed, there are still those who prefer to believe that what awaits us beyond death is nothingness.

Make no mistake. We are immortal. We will live.

 Spiritist Moment Team, based on chapter 29
from the book
Contos e apólogos, by the Spirit Brother X,
psychographed by Francisco Cândido Xavier, publisher FEB.
August 31.2020.

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