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Curitiba, 11 de Maio de 2021
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ícone Someone hurt you

You are hurt. Someone did something that made you feel like that, disappointed, upset, maybe even outraged.

It may have been something small, a gesture, an unexpected strange speech or a rude attitude. Or even the lack of action in a certain situation.

You feel hurt. It is fair. It was hurt. And it hurts even more when it happens at times when we are trying to help or doing something willingly. It is the sorrow by the ingratitude of the other.

You have been thinking about it for a while, for a few hours, a few days. Sometimes you forget, but soon something happens and remind you of what happened.

 It is a constant nuisance, don´t you see? As if the thought wanted to be in so many other more important things, but could not.

Good to think of a solution.

First, it is important to understand that we are in a world where we all still have thorns and, of course, these thorns end up spitting the closest.

Today you received a little sting. Tomorrow will be one of your own thorns that could scratch someone.

Another issue to be analyzed is our sensitivity.

Many of us, due to intimate conflicts, are hypersensitive, extremely susceptible. Little things hit us and we are scandalized by details that are of no greater importance.

We may think they have, but if we consult a few people, ask for advice, inquire our reason, we will realize that the monster is not that big.

For some reason that we do not know, we made it bigger that it really is.

They are the squeamish, wounded egos. Sometimes we get hurt and the person who hurt us has no idea what they did or did not, because they simply acted naturally, without wanting to hurt.

We were the ones who self-opposed, who let ourselves be scratched by offering a very fragile surface, which needs treatment.

But if we still have the hurt, if it is authentic, and we truly want to get rid of that bad feeling, we need the process of liberation.

It does not mean throwing it under the carpet, pretending that it did not happen, because that does not solve anything, but seeking answers in us and in the other.

Why did it happen? Is it not worth a conversation? Does the other know that they have hurt us?

Sometimes, everything can be dissolved in a brief and fraternal conversation.

Maybe we mistakenly understand what the other did or said to us.

Finally, let us understand and forgive. Let us stop thinking badly of the other. Let us choose new thoughts. Let us replace the negative events with positive memories of that person.

And yet, if possible, if we can offer the other face, the face of love, even better. Let us return the offense with favors, with a friendly word.

Even though it is difficult at first, we understand that it is a therapeutic process in which we replace implication, hurt, revolt, by indulgence and generosity.

Let us not keep poison in us. Let us not let the grain of dust turn into a sea of mud.

Life is bigger than these little problems.

Spiritist Moment Team.
August 24. 2020.

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