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Curitiba, 05 de Dezembro de 2020
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ícone The master´s traits

That was one of the early grades of early childhood education.

On the board, the teacher outlined letter by letter. First the vowels. Later, the consonants.

Little by little, the little ones assimilated each line, each flourish, each detail that makes up the alphabet.

Safe in the tracing of the characters, the teacher patiently taught the class to unite them, forming the words. Then, overcoming difficulties, the children moved towards the first sentences.

First, the educator wrote them on the board. The students copied them. Then came the dictations. At the end of each sentence, the teacher reiterated the prescription: Children, do not forget the period!

Forgetting it now and then, it is true, students gradually memorized the rule.

The time has passed. Students have advanced in school levels. They found out that, in addition to the period, there are other punctuation marks.

To separate sentences, the comma; for questions, the question mark; for surprises, the exclamation point; for phrases that do not end, the ellipsis.

In this way, they realized that, when writing, there are countless possibilities for expression.

Words, phrases, punctuation marks. Writing unites people who have never met, overcome distances, time, color, nationality, beliefs and, perhaps, prejudices.

Writing records our History, our achievements, marks today for the future.

*   *   *

Regarding the act of writing, the poet composed:

From poetry comes the verse

From the verse the construction

From the feather comes the ink

That expresses the heart.


Fingers run fast

Paper receives the verse

The heart is the pencil

Writing in this Universe.


The poem expresses the feeling

The mind wanders in immensity

The eyes write on the wind

Thanking the creation.

*   *   *

When we receive a new reincarnation opportunity, we also receive the chance to draw new lines in the endless book of our existences.

In addition, we can also rewrite those sentences that were poorly written in the past.

Endowed by the Creator with free will, the pencil we have to write well are our actions.

Every choice we make, every attitude we take, makes up our History, whose chapters can be more or less blissful.

And, as the law is for progress, we always hope for a better History.

Jesus, Model and Guide to Humanity, taught us how to write well through the law of love that He exemplified.

*  *  *

In the sentences we write in the book we are, it is lawful to question, exclaim, punctuate each sentence, in order to create the most enchanting History before life, the precious treasure that the Lord has given us.

However, let us never forget: in the History that the Creator allows us and invites us to write, there is no period.

Rather, there are reticences that indicate that life never ends and that death, therefore, is just one see you soon.


   Spiritist Moment Team, with quotation of the poem
A Escrita, from Sérgio Antônio Meneghetti.
August 12.2020.

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