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Curitiba, 24 de Setembro de 2020
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ícone Life seen from above

We have all heard about drones. A technology that seems to have come from sci-fi movies and that became popular with great strength.

They are small flying robots, portable, commanded by remote control, and that can hold powerful cameras to film and take photos from great heights and in places of difficult access for large aircrafts.

Thanks to them man is getting to know his own planet in a way he never knew before - from above.

Some television shows have even specialized in showing entire cities, regions and countries, due to the privileged view of drones.

The images are unbelievable. They make the audience say things like: I never imagined it could be like this! Or I have been there, but I never saw it that way!

It is really very different and an experience we all needed to have to understand what it is to observe something from another point of view. Something that, at times, we believed we knew well, like our city or country.

In this matter, we can bring one more reflection.

We have seen our life, our days, challenges, problems, always from the same point of view - ours.

A view, at times, very limited, of our height, a vision of those who have their feet attached to the ground.

Imagine the possibility of seeing it all from above, from another angle, different from the ordinary.

Let us imagine being able to know that soon afterwards, after that family crisis or illness that seems to have no end, things will return to normal. Sometimes different and in some cases even better than they were.

Let us imagine recognizing that our path is stony, difficult, but that it is leading us to a happy goal, to a better place.

Even more, glimpse from above as many others as we do and their tracks the same or rougher than ours.

What would life be like from above?

How would the vision of our past and our future plans be, less affected by immediacy, by the search for ephemeral pleasures of those who only see what is in front of them?

How would it be to know, in this broader landscape of the human relations, that each one who is part of our history is there for a reason?

See the neighbor from above and see him as similar to us, regardless of sex, race and thoughts.

Seeing the threshold of death as a crossing, because from up there it is well understood that there is a path ahead, that we say goodbye to one dimension of life to enter another. And they are all important and beautiful.

Let us do this exercise. Let us propose this broader view several times.

Let us listen more, learn more about ourselves and about each other.

Let us investigate the laws that rule life. Let us always question with the aim of learning.

Finally, remember that true love elevates us. To raise is to rise, to leave the ground. And those who are elevated naturally can see everything and everyone differently, more completely.

What would our life be like from above?


Spiritist Moment Team. 
July 27.2020.

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