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Curitiba, 29 de Outubro de 2020
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ícone Who takes care of me

A school in the state of Sao Paulo had an unusual idea: to replace the traditional celebration of Mother´s Day and Father´s day, by what they called: The day of those who take care of me.

The initiative is commendable, welcoming and respectful to everyone, since many kids do not have a parent and were very embarrassed, in those days.

In practice, the school only changed the name of the usual celebration and created in its calendar two special annual days to honor the men or women who take care of these children, embracing the different family constitutions too.

We realized that with the arrival of traditional family celebrations, those students who have no mother or father, or who cannot live with them, were very sad to have none of them in the audience.

So, we switched for the day of who takes care of me. Everyone feels integrated, the children are more confident – says the vice-principal of the institution.

The school has students aged between six and ten years.

The Day of those who take care of me is a party open to everybody, fathers, mothers, grandparents, uncles and aunts, siblings or whoever the child wishes to invite and honor.

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Who took care of you? Search in your memory who were the main people who were part of that first period of care, who gave you attention, affection, support.

  Remember the person or people who dedicated themselves so that you could be where you are today. Who gave up their life or part of it so you could grow up.

Some will remember the maternal or paternal figure. But others, maybe, will include a few different characters.

Perhaps someone will remember of a loving grandmother, who played the role of a mother, or an aunt or uncle who accepted them with deep love.

Others may remember someone who worked at the house, a maid, a caregiver, a nanny. Kind souls who created a precious bond in the first moments of life on Earth. Unforgettable bonds.

Who knows, maybe someone will record of a teacher who was the paramount support in certain years of their existence. Someone who sponsored them for their life project, who paid for their studies, encouraged them in a special way.

We were all taken care of by someone. The fragility of the new corporeal existence makes us completely dependent on others. Someone had to take on this honorable work.

To take care is to be present, to know in depth, to participate in life, in bad and good times.

Caring is sometimes having to endure the other, as we are imperfect beings and our moral deficiencies bother, hurt.

Caring is sharing, giving and giving yourself without demanding anything in return.

Let us keep a few moments in our daily prayer to honor those who cared for or take care of us.

Let us be grateful, let us be recognized. There is nothing worse than ingratitude.

Let us also be careful to maintain this beautiful bond created in time, which gives us strength and courage to keep moving.

Whoever took care of us is part of what we have become today.

Whoever took care of us began writing our story with us. A four-hand elaboration.


Spiritist Moment Team, based on News from
the website from May 12, 2019.
June 22.2020.

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