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Curitiba, 29 de Outubro de 2020
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ícone Once upon a time...

Once upon a time there was a kingdom that was in very, very distant lands.

Like any kingdom, it had a king. And, this king was very concerned about his people.

It was a poor kingdom, with few resources. People earned their livehood with a lot of manual effort. Diseases consumed them and had no comfort whatsoever.

It was there that the king decided to bring thinkers, scientists, artists, philosophers from other lands, to sow good things in his kingdom.

And so it happened. Philosophers brought ideas of freedom, respect and rights to others.

The artists offered the population the beauty, in music, in the visual arts, in texts that started to wrap hearts and minds.Scientists introduced the technology. The illnesses started to decrease, the physical pains was easing. Even death has become something much less close.

Transport became easier. People could communicate from a distance. There was heat and light in all the houses.

However, the king began to notice something strange. While all this was being offered to the people, people became increasingly selfish.

The dominant concerns were with work and not with the family. With money, not moral values.

They gradually became isolated, although the kingdom´s population was now much more numerous.

The king issued rules, made speeches to the people, warning about the wrong path they were taking. Everything useless. There were years or warnings, of reprimands, with no success.

So, he opted for something drastic, considering that his advice was of no use to those hearts.

He looked for a witch in a dark forest and asked her to cast a spell on everyone, something that would wake them up.

From that day, people knew that there was a curse on the streets of the kingdom.

They could no longer go out quietly, go shopping or even work, as they would be cursed. Some, it was said, might even die.

On this way, everyone retreated to their homes for long days, long weeks.

And, something strange started to happen.

Recluse, people started to look more at their families, talk more.

They also started to live more with themselves, to perceive themselves, to analyze their emotions, their values. They looked within themselves.

They analyzed how they were leading their lives. Then, as if by charm, this was the true charm cast by the witch, they became aware of the need to change.

Solidarity, friendship, empathy resurfaced. Lost values were found.

Little by little, the kingdom became better. Not exactly because of new scientific or technological discoveries.

The kingdom became better because people realized that nothing is of real importance if we are unable to love our neighbors, to live together, to strengthen ties.

*   *   *

Difficulties are in the realm of our intimacy.  And what happens to us is not result of curses. They are charms in the form of opportunities that God sends us, in order to make us better, more human, more loving.

Let us take advantage of them!

Spiritist Moment Team.
July, 2.2020.

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