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Curitiba, 02 de Dezembro de 2020
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ícone Miracles that surround us

When it comes to miracles, extraordinary things often come to mind. The sky opening, a celestial messenger appearing, phenomena happening.

Miracle, according to the meaning of the word, refers to an event that was considered extraordinary and that seems to have no rational explanation.

It would be something like a violation of natural laws, which govern ordinary phenomena. It would be for us to wonder why God would establish laws for the Universe for Him to transgress.

If the Divine order is to keep the law, how would God himself act differently? After all, if He is perfection, he must be perfect in all his actions.

For some, many of Master Jesus’actions, while among us, are considered miracles. However, gradually, we learn that for each of those actions, there is a coherent explanation that we simply did not know.

We see, day by day, science approaching religion, demonstrating the beneficial effects of prayer, of faith.

Statistics inform that those who embrace religiosity, if they do it widely, have possibilities for a better quality of life.

We remember that Jesus asserted that if we had faith the size of a mustard seed, we could order a mountain to move, and it would move.

He did not refer to the mountains of earth and stone on our planet. He referred to our problems, of any kind.

He also asserted that whatever He did, we could all do, and more.

Naturally, this will happen when we achieve the state of purity and greatness of Him, our Master.

In essence, He tells us that we are carriers of powers in the soul, which we still do not know.

Many of us have already discovered the power of prayer. Others, we have already realized the benefits of energy transmission through the laying on of hands.

As did our Master and Lord.

So, truly, we live surrounded by miracles. All explainable by the action of energies, the potential of human beings or the Spirits of good.

It is important that we pay attention to what happens around us.

Because there are many miracles.

There are miracles of love and kindness, which help the brothers in adversity. There are the miracles of friendship that reach us when our difficulties seem insurmountable.

Miracles are those that we register with the sunrise and sunset, the generous rain that invigorates the land, the forest that rises from the ashes after the calamities.

Einstein claimed that there are only two ways to live life: the first is to live it as if miracles did not exist. The second is to live it as if everything is a miracle.

In this way, let us cultivate faith and practice prayer, which work, yes, in us and around us, miracles such as the recovery of the health of a loved one and the maintenance of our own.

However, let us think further. Let us think about how we can be a miracle to someone: a friendly voice, comfort when in pain, praying together, a warm hug.

Let us think about it and be willing to be the miracle that someone expects.

Spiritist Moment Team.
June 29.2020.

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