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Curitiba, 02 de Dezembro de 2020
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ícone Cello solo

    A beautiful cello solo by the award-winning musician Zuill Bailey.

    You can hear it in the background, mixing with harmonious notes, sounds of heart rate and respiratory monitors, which sound in repetition in time.

    Bailey has his eyes closed, sitting next to some neonatal ICU incubators in a hospital in Texas, United States.

    Since 2000, he has been the artistic director of Pro-Musica, a group that works in medical centers to help in the process of healing patients.

    The music is designed to calm and heal and you see that there is a change in the health status of patients, said Felipa Solis, executive director of El Paso Pro-Musica.

She adds that playing music for hospitalized people is an extension of the group’s mission of making classical music accessible to everyone.

    Patients in the Hospital, from the beginning of their life in the neonatal Intensive Care Unit, until the end, receive music for several comforting reasons and it is really incredible to see.

                                                                            *    *   *

    We are still far from discovering everything that music is capable to provide to our immature souls.

    Its mysterious and sovereign power extends over all beings, over the whole nature.

    Indeed, the law of harmonic vibrations rules the entire universal life, all forms of art, all creations of thought.

    It is a safe way to elevate thoughts to sublime heights, where inspiring talent resides.

    It introduces balance and rhythm to all things. It even influences physical health due to its action on human fluids.

    It is known that Saul, in his nervous crises, had David called, who, with the sounds of his harp, calmed the monarch’s irritation.

    In all times, and even today, musical art has been applied to therapy, and with positive results.

    Studies in the area are multiplying, showing the benefits of contact with the arts, for children, youth and adults.

    Artistic expression, when committed to the beautiful and the good, sensitizes and penetrates the depth of the Spirit, putting it in contact with the universal beauty, which comes from God.

    And music performs this task in a very special way. For many, it is the most sublime of the arts, because, better than the word, it represents movement, which is one of the laws of life.

    Music is the very voice of the upper world!

                                                                            *    *   *

    May music be in our lives not just as entertainment. True art does not exist only to entertain, but to elevate the being.

    May we choose moments to listen to songs made for the soul, the ones that touch our hearts, those that, somehow, refer us to other, more sublime spheres.

    Men need to contemplate the excellent to develop their good taste.

    That sensual art, still so present in this world, may give way to a more mature art, committed to transcendent proposals, that makes one think and, above all, is always the beautiful expressing the good.


Spiritist Moment Team, based on a subject from the website from February 13, 2019, and from part VII,
of the book O Espiritismo na Arte, by Léon Denis, publisher CELD.
June 29.2020.

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