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Curitiba, 27 de Setembro de 2020
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ícone This will pass too

Francisco Candido Xavier, a medium from Minas Gerais, said that, in one of his days of profound bitterness, he asked his spiritual benefactor to take his request for helpl to Mary of Nazareth, so that she could comfort him, since his problems were serious.

 After a few days, the benefactor returned saying he had a message from Jesus’mother.

Chico immediately grabbed paper and pencil and put himself in the position to write down: You may speak, I will take note of every word.

Emmanuel, an attentive benefactor, said:

Write it down, Chico. Mary asked me to bring the following message:

“This will pass too. Period.”

Chico took note quickly and asked the benefactor: Is that all?

And he replied: It is, Chico. The Blessed Mother asked to tell you that this will pass too.

*   *   *

Like Chico Xavier, many of us, when visited by pain, would like to receive an individual message of comfort.

Thinking that we have been forgotten by Divinity, we pray that special deference is given to us by the spiritual benefactors.

However, God knows everything and sees everything. Nothing happens without His consent, it is enough that we place our trust in His sovereign Laws.

Everything on Earth, will pass…

The difficult days will pass…

The days of bitterness and loneliness will pass too…

The pains and tears will pass.

The frustrations that make us cry… will pass one day.

The longing for the loved one who goes into the hand of death will pass.

The days of worldly glories and triumphs, when we think we are bigger and better than others… will also pass.

This inner vanity that makes us feel like the center of the Universe, one day will pass.

Days of sadness… Days of happiness… These are necessary lessons that, on Earth, leaving accumulated experiences in the immortal Spirit.

If today, for us, is one of those days, full of bitterness, let us stop for a moment.

Let us raise our thoughts and seek the soft voice of the loving Mother telling us affectionately: This will pass too…

And let us keep the certainty, due to the difficulties already overcome, that there is no harm that lasts forever.

*   *   *

The planet Earth, similar to a huge vessel, sometimes looks like it will collapse in the face of turbulence of gigantic waves.

They are wars, petty interests, devaluations…

But that will pass too, because Jesus is at the helm of this ship, and follows with the serene look of those who keep the certainty that agitation is part of the Humanity´s evolutionary process, and that one day it will pass too.

He knows that the Earth will arrive in a safe haven because that is its destination.

So, let us do our part the best we can, without fading.

And let us trust in God, taking advantage of every second, every minute, that now, it is no longer the same as when we started the program and that of now, will pass too…

Spiritist Moment Team.
June 6.2020.

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