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Curitiba, 27 de Setembro de 2020
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ícone God, where are Thou?

God! Oh God! Where are Thou that does not respond?

In what world, on which star do you hide cloaked in the skies? Two thousand years ago I sent you my cry, which has been lulling ever since…

Where are Thou, Lord God?...

*   *   *

In this way, the poet of the slaves launched his plea, in the name of suffering Africa, which had its children uprooted from its bosom to be sold around the world.

Like him, in certain moments of deep pain, we address our cries to the heavens: Where is God who did not save my child´s life?

Where is the God of mercy that allows men to be wolves of their brothers?

Where is God who does not prevent great catastrophes? Why does not it rule the seas, shut up the volcanos and give orders to the storms to settle down?

Where is God who allows a few men to elect themselves as justice keepers and kill their fellowmen?

Where is God who does not hold the murderous arm, who does not silence the mouths of slander that destroy lives, widespread evil?

Where is it?

And although suffering hurts us with burning daggers, among our sobs, we can hear the voice of the immortals whispering:

God is in thee, His son. Omniscient, omnipresent. He knows everything, sees everything, presides over everything.

They complain about the reactions of nature, forgetting that this is a planet on which tests and expiations take turns and are repeated.

It is a school and learning is, sometimes, tough. Just as for those who wish to climb the steps of wisdom, the hours of study are arduous.

  The pains that reach you are those that prove your resistance, that challenge your intelligence, that make you grow.

Nothing happens by chance and each one of us is exactly where they should be, at the right time.

The convulsions of the planet are the movements for restructuring of a world in progress. Material progress. The landscapes are modified, places are cleaned up.

The craziness caused by men are the product of free will with which God has endowed them all. You also have it to grow, taking advantage of the lessons that mistreat you.

He finds that all great men have achieved glory in science, in the arts, in heroic deeds, by their iron will to win.

You can too. God wants you happy, after the storm that is in your soul has passed.

The suffering that reaches you, will pass. Everything passes. Those who promote evil will be held for their insane actions, sooner or later.

Nothing is wrong in this immense world of God. And He does know the pains of our soul, the hunger for justice of so many, the inconsistency and madness of many.

Do not despair. Allow yourself to hear the voice that says: “My child, you have called me. Here I am.

You are not alone. I am with you. Be strong. The sun will shine again, the problem will be solved.

Do not mourn the absence of your loved ones. They are with you. They moved from one sphere to another. Your dead ones are standing.”

*   *   *

If you examine everything from the perspective of justice, you will understand that everything is right, on the plan of Divine Creation.

Settle down your soul. Allow yourself to feel the divine caress in the intimacy of yourself. Everything passes. Believe.

Spiritist Moment Team, with initial verses from
Vozes da África, by Castro Alves.
June, 5.2020.

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