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ícone Hostility virus

Researchers at the University of Florida, in the USA, have discovered that when someone is the target of rude behavior, or just witnesses something like that, a kind of hostility virus sets in and spreads among people. 

According to the scholars, even without wanting to, we end up passing this behavior on. These people thus contaminated, in turn, successively, increase the wave of rudeness among other human beings.

In one of the studies, a group of volunteers witnessed an authority scolding someone who was late, while another group saw a scene with a more polite attitude from the boss up close.

After that, both teams had to quickly identify sequences of letters in a text.

The final results of the test showed that people exposed to the rude attitude more quickly found words of rude connotation in the text.

In the second scientific paper, a group of participants saw a video that showed harsh interactions between coworkers, while other volunteers watched scenes of harmonious relationships in the office.

Then, they had to answer emails to some costumers, who sent messages in a very rude, moderated or normal way.

Acoording to the researches, the volunteers who watched the rude video were more likely to interpret the normal and moderate emails as aggressive, and answered in a similar way.

This all demonstrates how fragile we are, how our moral immune system, as we could call, still has very low defenses.

How can we protect ourselves from this, then?

We cannot do anything about the rudeness of others, the evil that is out there and knocks on our doors every day. The hostility virus is in the air.

However, how do we protect ourselves from the many viruses with which we live in our daily lives, threatening our organism?

It will depend on our defenses, our immune system.

In the case at hand, that will be in choosing whether or not to let ourselves be infected by hostility, violence, cruelty. Or whether we will remain immune to evil, not allowing it to settle and spread.

The gesture of saying when we are victims of some aggression, will be of great nobility: the evil ends here. And do not allow it to move forward, nor return to those who have offended us, nor take it along to the world, discounting on others.

In many cases, we cannot avoid getting hurt, spending a few days in bed because of some of these hostility viruses. But we are already able to no longer transmit the disease to others.

Let us transform our time in bed into important moments of reflection, inner travel and treatment for hate, so that when we return to normal activities, we can be healthy transmitters.

Each one of us can spread the good, flooding the world with good actions, good words and good thoughts.

Only then we will have, in this world, more good than evil, more kindness than hostility, more health than disease.

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