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Curitiba, 27 de Setembro de 2020
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ícone The happiness of mothers

On Mother´s Day, when so many honors take place, a girl wrote: During my whole life I heard: “If the child is happy, the mother is happy. All I want is to see my child happy!”

Frankly, it is impossible to believe on that.

If it were true, I would have been able to eat that entire chocolate bar. That would have made me very happy.

But she did not let me. She cut my happiness in half.

When I wanted to spend the night playing video game, I was on the top of my happiness. But she did not understand it. Did she, by any chance, think about my happiness? Of course not.

She said she would count to three and made me turn off the television, in the middle of the last phase of the game.

If there was sincerity in her desire to see me happy,

How could she forbid me to go out and make me spend hours with books, when everything that would make me happy at that moment was out there?

The sun was outside. The boyfriend was outside. Friends were having fun. Everyone… except me.

As always, what I heard was: “You are not like everyone else. You are my daughter.”

And that day, when I arrived crying because I had been wronged by my friends, she said: “You must have done something to deserve that!”

How insensitive! Didn´t she know she would make me happy if she had joined me to say that I was right?

Even help me find a thousand defects in them.

Mothers say they want to see us happy. In fact, they also want us to make our bed, wash the dishes, take out the trash, take care of our siblings. And yet, they force us to eat whatever they say is healthy.

I guarantee that most children think like me.

*   *   *

Yeah. We thought so until we became mothers. When life presents us with a child, we start to see things very differently.

The no to the chocolate bar comes to be understood as a yes to the food discipline.  The no to video game becomes a yes to the irreplaceable hours of sleep.

The no to boyfriend, is not a no to a loving relationship, it is a yes to the future.

So we understand and appreciate our mother´s attitude because they all served to make us better.

Today, when our mother looks at us with pride, and smiles even when things are not easy, we can understand the meaning of that phrase repeated over and over, throughout life: “If you are happy, I will be happy.”

There is nothing greater than a mother´s love. There is also nothing more rewarding than discovering, in their eyes, the happiness of seeing their children well in this world.

Let us thank our mother for what she has done for us, for having transformed us into a strong boat to withstand all storms.

Let us thank her for having welcomed us with a large table when we arrived on dry land with a soul thirsty for love and a heart hungry for affection.

Thank you for the best lap in the world and for the wonderful smile we could see!

And yes, we get angry when she is away. We want her around to keep saying the blessed no to this child, inside us, so that we never stop learning!

We love you, mom!

Spiritist Moment Team, based on a text
written by Luciana Goldschmidt Costa.
May, 8.2020.


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