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Curitiba, 27 de Setembro de 2020
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ícone Flowery desert

The Atacama desert in Chile is the most arid and highest in the world. It is also the place on Earth that has gone the longest without rain, with four hundred years without one drop of water from the sky.

Currently, it can go years and years without any atmospheric precipitation, however, from time to time, a very interesting phenomenon happens.

The miracle of the flowering of the desert is possible to see very rarely, as it necessarily depends on the rain fallen in the summer months.

Enough amounts of water allow the seeds, which were dormant in the dry desert, to wake up to come back to life and blossom for a short time, in the spring.

There are more than two hundred kinds of flowers. Thousands of colors. A beautiful and unexpected flowering in the midst of such arid lands.

When the desert revives and blooms, a wonderful panorama appears. It is the opportunity to enjoy the simplicity of the flowers that cover the plains and gloriously contrast with the mountains that surround them.

It is only possible to enjoy this desert miracle in some years and for a short time, from the end of August to the middle of October.

The seeds, which remain dormant for many years, are specially adapted to these extreme conditions, and so they can come back to life by the rains that wake them up, converting the desert into a multicolored painting.

Chileans know this phenomenon as a flowering desert.

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The human being is also capable to flourish, even after years of intimate drought.

The seeds of evolutionary potential lie dormant, but alive, at the heart of the soul.

Dry souls, souls apparently without hope to flower, will come to bloom one day, when the rain of understanding, the rain of renovation, makes them awake.

There is no lost case for the Creator.

Even the most reluctant Spirits, who in deep agony and sadness, dare to do good, denying the Creator and love; even those, will germinate.

The time will come when they will realize that evil, revolt, revenge does not bring them any happiness.

The time will come when, showered by the continuous rains of love of those who are by their side, they will surrender to the renewing good.

Each one has its own time. Each one awakens when they are ready to awaken.

However, let us remember that the hidden seeds are there, anxiously waiting for the moment to leave the arid land, waiting for the instant to breath the fresh air of a new life.

We all have a way. We are all potential gods.

God made us all like that, without exception.

We choose the moment to blossom.

The time will come when we will see the desert of planet Earth, still so suffering, so dry, in full bloom.

 It will be us, good Spirits, who will modify the landscape of this planet, starting to call it flowery land.

 Spiritist Moment Team.
May 4.2020.


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