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Curitiba, 10 de Agosto de 2020
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ícone Reborn with the mornings

When Jesus spoke to the law doctor, Nicodemus, about being born again, He was not just talking about new material existences.

It is necessary to be reborn from water and the Spirit – the Master said, with poetry.

Water represents the material element. The ancients had the belief that the whole life had arisen from the waters. Thus, water represents our material element, the rebirths in new physical bodies.

However, He also spoke of being reborn from the Spirit and, with that, He opened new horizons to the already vast knowledge of that chief of the Jews.

Jesus spoke of renewing yourself. It is not enough to return to the terrestrial stage countless times. It is necessary to change yourself, sculpt the soul, improve yourself.

And for that, the Creator gives us great opportunities and very clear messages.

Let us see some examples: each time we reincarnate, we return as if it were our first life, with this freshness of renovation, with new chances, forgetting the past, gaining a new carnal clothing.

We arrived here as babies, unprotected, inspiring love, care, having to relearn so many things that we already knew before. All in the name of this renovation project.

We received old love as family members, but also disaffected, in perfect secrecy, so that we can adapt to this new family formation and try to live in harmony.

There is also the proposal of cycles.

Existence and nature are full of cycles just so that we can, from time to time, evaluate, start over and renovate.

When each year ends, we take stock of what happened, what we have been and have planned, and what we want to be. We set goals and pursue them. Each year we are new selves, gradually seeking perfection.

There are also the cycles of our years of life on the planet. Our so-called birthdays.

Each new full year here is also a time of self-introspection, of deep reflection, of self-knowledge: Who am I? What do I do here? What have I built? What is missing? What lies ahead? How much time do I have left?

We close a chapter of the book, we open another one.

We have lives within the same life. Childhood, adolescence, youth, married life, children, maturity, third and why not, even fourth-age.

There are people who are being reborn in their sixties, seventies! Giving themselves a new chance to live, to learn, to love. After all, it is never too late!

Finally, within the cycles, there is still the one of each day.

In this way, we can be reborn with the mornings, considering each sunrise as a new chance that the Creator gives us to reinvent ourselves, to do it again, to do it right.

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Let us be grateful for the gift of the new morning, of the new life within life and move on.

Existence is made up of rebirths. Rebirth is the law of the Universe.

It is necessary to be reborn with the mornings. It is necessary to be reborn with the years. It is necessary to be reborn from the water and the Spirit to reach the fullness that we so desire.


Spiritist Moment Team.
April 20.2020.


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