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Curitiba, 27 de Setembro de 2020
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ícone When pain is worldwide...

What do we do when we see members of the human family being affected?

Nations, governments suffer. We all suffer because we all are in the same Earth home, separated only by boundary lines.

When the pandemic crossed borders, we all realized it. We are a single, huge family.

And what is good for some is good for everyone. What reaches some, reaches everyone.

Thus, we found ourselves involved in the pains of seeing many of our brothers sick and dying.

In the midst of chaos, we realized how we truly are the image and likeness of our Creator.

God turns on shining lights in the destructive lava. God renews the air after the devastating storm.

God borders the meadow of flowers and renews the landscape after the overwhelming hurricanes.

His children, we, managed to light up lamps in the darkness. Hopes amid tragedy. We sing while tears abound in our hearts.

We raise our prayers, in all languages and in all creeds.

We use technology to get united. We present virtual shows, meet friends, organize meeting rooms, studies, prayer sharing.

We soften the longing. We learned to embrace each other virtually, renewing the desire to meet again, hopefully, soon.

In Italy, one of the countries most affected by the coronavirus, which spread rapidly, taking lives, the choir Internazionale lirico sinfonico gave a lesson in altruism and gratitude.

In a virtual rehearsal, they gathered the components of the choir and performed Vá, pensiero, from Nabucco Opera, by Giuseppe Verdi.

For Italians, the chorus of Hebrew slaves, the third act of the Opera, became a symbol of patriotism. That was because it was composed by Verdi, during the Austrian occupation, in the north of the country, in 1842.

In serious moments, the choir is remembered. Possibly, almost all Italians bring it in their memories and hearts.

It is a lament, a prayer that mourns the suffered and lost homeland. A cry to heaven. Nothing more appropriate for the current days.

What thrills, moreover, is not only for the message of hope for days that will be overcome, surpassed.

It is the tribute and gratitude that is done to all health workers.

We believe that they have never been so honored and remembered, as in these days.

These servants who are always ready during the tragedies, as well as in the daily suffering of hospitals, clinics, homes. They form the squad who are in the front of the battle.

A front in which they use the weapons of medical science, their courage to diagnose, treat.

They also have family and health to preserve. But there they are, ready, struggling at each day, every day, for the lives of others.

There is nothing fairer than remembering them, involving them in our prayers.

May these days serve for all of us to meditate on the fragility of existence and how much we should take advantage of every minute we are given on Earth.

Let us learn that it is best to be good, helpful, fraternal, useful.

After all we need and depend immensely on each other, members of the same large family.

Spiritist Moment Team.
April 14.2020.

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