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Curitiba, 27 de Setembro de 2020
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ícone On difficult days...

We live in the Earth home and when a pandemic hits us, it is the exact moment to prove who we are.

 If we consider ourselves to be a single and huge family, living in homes with different flags, we demonstrates in offering our hands at a distance.

Information reaches us and makes us aware of groups at risk, of needs.

The first rule is to comply with legal guidelines. None of us can consider ourselves an exclusivity, someone who can break the barriers, disrespecting the determinations.

The second rule is called solidarity. And at this point, we are demonstrating how much we can achieve without being together.

Our creativity suggests actions. And when it is associated with goodwill, it generates news such as that gym instructor who climbed on the roof of the building where he lives and offered a class to his neighbors.

The recordings of the gesture are full of laughter in the background. It is possible to see how much those who are on the balconies are having fun, trying to repeat the actions of the volunteer teacher.

Amid the chaos and uncertainties sown by the spreading virus, people who are confined to their apartments use the balconies to contribute with what they have.

A lyrical singer uses the balcony of her apartment to sing a passage from La Traviata. The neighbors, the occasional passersby who still pass by the streets, even the residents of the nearest buildings can hear her.

Her voice is cheerful and she sings as if she was on a stage. In fact, she is. An improvised outdoor stage. Spectacular.

You cannot know how many hear her. The important is that she spreads her hope in the voice she launches into space. Next to her is the son, who also vibrates, even marking the beats with his childish gestures, bending his legs, rhythmically.

And she invites everyone to sing along. Nearby voices try to accompany her in the choir. And we cannot help but laughing, listening to them, some totally out of tune.

What does it matter? At the end, applause and more recorded applause end the presentation.

Solidarity. Offering the best we have.

That is why in Brazil and in the world acts of fraternity are repeated. Young people offer themselves, through social networks or by posting notes on the doors of the condominium´s elevator offering to go grocery shopping, to pick up medicine, especially for the elderly.

Someone even comes up with specific guidelines for adopting people from that risk group. They suggest that messages be sent in the morning and at night, asking themselves how they are doing, if they need anything etc.

The virus is keeping us physically apart from each other. But, if we wish, we can be really close.

We can schedule virtual meetings and pray together the ones who have regular prayer groups in our religious temple.

We offer our word to those who are distant and we know to be alone. Organize a reading or study group virtually.

How much technology can help us, right now!

Separated, but united. United in love, in attention to the other.

Be ours the virtual hug, the distance kiss, the warmth through the internet.

Let us get united in preventive actions, in care. Let us get united in solidarity. We are all brothers.

Spiritist Moment Team.
April 8, 2020.

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