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Curitiba, 04 de Junho de 2020
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ícone Do not give up on you

Sometimes you do not understand how people can still smile in a world like this.

You walk through the streets and do not see any fun in the movement of people coming and going, you do not find joy in the liveliness of children and do not perceive these supposed good things that life has.

The news speak of conspiracies, of coups, of massacres. This or that index worsens. And you are sure that it is not worth investing any effort in this existence.

There is also a kind of emptiness inside. A pain in the pit of the stomach or in the lungs, a difficulty to breath sometimes. You do not know what it is. Does everyone have this?

You study out of obligation or work only for the financial result. Now, you need to eat, you need a place to live, to buy a few things… But, sometimes you wonder if it is worth fighting for it.

There are times you eat more than you need, other times you remain many hours without feeding yourself and realize that it does not really matter. You could even live without it…

You realize that people are isolating themselves. Each one at their own spot. That is why you do not talk much about yourself. In fact, you can spend hours and hours without saying a single word.

We are hiding behind the screens! – An expert heard. And in their free time they remain there, in a world that seems to have no end, but that sometimes also looks like an immense void.

The internet seems full of people but, at the same time, empty. I enter and leave this supposed digital world in the same way – thoughts that come to you.

You are tired of everything, everyone. People are not interesting. You do not have patience for almost anyone.

Every now and then a deep sadness hits, as if opening an abyss in the chest. You have a willing to cry, but you cannot. You do not understand what it is. You feel alone.

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Here are some special words for you.

First: do not allow yourself prolonged loneliness. Count on someone to talk, to open up. Someone you trust, someone you can describe these weird things that you think, feel or see around you.

Do not miss the reference of love, of those who want you well. We all have those around us. We all have those who are willing to reach out, or just listen.

You are not alone.

We were not simply abandoned in a world that goes from bad to worse. This is another distorted view. It is a terrorist view that many have become accustomed to passing or accepting. Do not judge the world just by listening to one of the sides.

There is a lot of love in people. The Universe is coordinated by love, although we still have difficulty in understanding certain mechanisms of its laws.

See how this message is reaching you. There is no coincidence, there is no chance. Everything is in its right place and help reaches those who need it, at the right time.

Do not give up on you. Do not give up on your ideals, dreams, goals. If necessary, reassemble, rebuild yourself, ask for help from someone specialized and retrace your steps.

Realize if your symptoms are not linked to some sort of emotional disorder. We are all subject to these difficulties.

Finally, remember that the opportunity of the reincarnation is the greatest treasure that we could have received. Enjoy every moment.

Spiritist Moment Team.
March, 23.2020.

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